The Dead Walking 3

So many things happen in a lifetime. Some are good and some are bad. All of these things make up a person. All of these things determine who you are. I have to say that my memories are mostly bad, but the few good ones are the things that keep me going. (this is the third book in the Dead Walking series)


12. One More Day

           Night time comes fast. My stomach is barely growling so I will save my food till morning. I yawn and stretch my back. I am completely exhausted. "Carl... I'm going to bed," I say in between a yawn.

         "I'll be there in a minute. I'm gonna lock all the doors and windows," he says.

        "Okay," I answer tiredly.

        I stumble down the hall and walk into the room that I have always stayed in. I fall on the bed. I want to cover up with a blanket, but I'm too lazy to move. I close my eyes and feel sleep already taking over me. I am just about to fall asleep when Carl walks in. He goes over to the right side of the bed and pulls the blankets over us. I open my eyes and I feel a little energy enter my body. I stand up and grab my blue shorts from my bag. The room is dark and I don't feel like going in the other room so I just change into my shorts there. I don't really care right now. Once I have changed I am only in my short-shorts and my white tank top. This is the kind of thing I wore before the apocalypse.

        I crawl back in bed and snuggle closer to Carl as I shiver from the cold. He holds my head to chest and I close my eyes again. With the warmth of the blanket and Carl beside me, I fall asleep in seconds.


                                                                * * * * *


          The next morning I wake up alone in the bed. I sit up and look around. Where's Carl? I slide off the bed and walk down the hall to the kitchen. I peek my head in and see Carl making 4 bowls of soup. I walk in and tip toe across the floor and stand behind him. "Boo!" I yell.

       He jumps a little. "Izzy! What the heck?!" he exclaims.

       "Hahaha," I laugh.

       He shakes his head. "Geez."

       "Whatcha doin?"

       "Making some food."

       "Good cause I'm hungry," I smile.

        He shakes his head and turns and pours some ravioli into a bowl. He pours some chicken noodle soup into another bowl and spaghetti o's another. The last bowl has chicken noodle o's. "Which one is mine?" I ask.

        "I don't care. Just choose one," he shrugs.

        "I want the ravioli and I'm gonna eat some crackers and beef jerky with it. You can have some too," I tell him.

        "Okay. Do you wanna wake them up or do you want me to?"

        "I got it."

        I turn around and walk down the hallway to where Mark and Katy are sleeping. I reach the closed door. Should I knock? I mean what if... yeah I should knock. I tap on the door 3 times, not too loud, but enough for them to hear it. "What?" I hear Katy moan from inside.

        "Carl made food for everyone. If you want any then you have to get up," I explain.

        "Ughhh! Its still early," she groans.

        "Not really. Its like noon. Just get your lazy butts up," I demand.

        "Fine we'll be out there in a minute," she snaps.

        I roll my eyes and walk back into the kitchen. "They're "coming," I roll my eyes again.

        He smiles and hands me my bowl. I set it down in front of one of the seats. "I'm gonna go get the other food."

        I walk into the living room where I laid my book bag and get the beef jerky and crackers. I take the food back into the kitchen and set it in the center of the table. They can get it themselves. "Oh... here," Carl tosses me a spoon for the ravioli.

        "Thanks," I say.

        He brings his food over and takes a seat beside me. I open the bag of beef jerky and pull 2 large pieces of the dark meat out. I also grab 3 crackers. Even though crackers don't really go with ravioli, they're still good. I hear shuffling in the hall and Katy and Mark walk in, half asleep. "Aw... did that walk wear you out yesterday?" I stick my lower lip out in a "puppy dog" face.

        "Shut up," Katy jokes.

        "Hey, like I said before I have walked that like 4 times. Its not that bad," I shake my head.

        "Maybe not for you."

        I don't say anything else. I take a few bites of my ravioli an eat 2 of my crackers. Katy takes a seat beside me and Mark takes the last seat which is beside Katy and Carl. We all sit there, wordlessly as we stuff our face with food. I am the first one to finish. I push my chair back and stand up. "I'm gonna take a walk," I say.

        "I'll be out in a minute," Carl tells me.


        I walk to the sliding glass doors and slide them open. I walk down the deck's stairs to the back yard. I cross it quickly and soon I am walking through the small woods. I step through the last set of trees and enter the big meadow. The sun automatically warms me. I smile and look up at the blinding sun. I walk a little further so I am closer to the middle and sit of the ground. I pick out a lavender colored flower and twirl it in my finger. Everything about this place is wonderful. This really is better than my happy place.     

         I hear footsteps and look in the direction of where they came from. I expect it to be Carl, but it isn't. Its a zombie. I sigh and stand up. It stumbles toward me at a decent pace. I reach for my gun. Its not there. I didn't bring any weapons out here with me. I step back as the zombie closes in on me. I stumble backwards and it lands on top me. "Guh," the impact forces the wind out of me. "Get... of... me!"

         I try to push the zombie off, but its too heavy. Its a dead weight. My arms just barely lift it enough not to be able to bite my face off. I bring one hand back and punch the side of its face. The impact sends my hand throbbing and stinging. I take a deep breath and punch again. My hand goes numb and it hurts to move my fingers. I kick and squirm, but I cant get it off of me. This is just like when Carl and Rick and Daryl found me. I was trapped under a zombie there too.

        I could scream for help. But then I risk the chance of more zombies finding me. Could Carl get here in time to stop more from getting me? I don't want to take that chance. I can feel my arms starting to give out. I wont be able to hold it up much longer. With a grunt I push my body off the ground a few feet and I am finally able to push it off of me. I roll away from it and go to run. It grabs my ankle and I loose my footing. I bang my head a little on the ground causing my vision to go blurry. I kick backwards and hit its forehead. Its grip doesn't loosen.

        "Help!" I scream. I have to do something. "Help!" I scream again.

        I hear someone running through the woods and I look behind me to see Carl come barreling out of the trees. He rushes toward me a kicks the zombie off of me. He pulls out his gun and shoots it. He looks over at me before pulling me off the ground. "Your head is bleeding," he says worriedly.

       I put a hand to my head and feel the warm sticky stuff running down my face from the corner of the top right part of my forehead. "I'm fine."

       "What happened?" he demands.

       "A zombie," I mutter.

       "Of course "a zombie" I mean what happened?"

       "Well I was sittin here and then a zombie came stumbling out of the woods and when I went to kill it I realized I didn't haven't any weapons. He tackled me to the ground and I couldn't get away from it," I shrug.

        "You know that you cant just go for a walk in the woods without any weapons," he shakes his head. "When you don't stuff like this happens."

        "Well I didn't think about it okay. I'm fine. Like I said before if God wanted me dead I would be dead right now," I snap.

        "Izzy. Just stop. You have come way to close to dying too many times. Cant you see that one of these times you could actually get hurt? Do you even care if you die?"

        "Yes. I do care if I die, but I just don't care when I come close to dying."

        He doesn't say anything. He just sorta looks at the sky like he's thinking about something. "You know you drive me crazy sometimes. I mean, who doesn't care if they come close to dying? You should care. I care if you come close to dying, but why you of all people? Why don't you care if you come close to dying?" he asks as he shakes his head.

        "Because Carl. Dying is a part of life. Everyone is going to die at some point and if I come close to dying that just shows me how lucky I am to be alive. It doesn't really bother me," I explain.

        "Yeah, but wouldn't you rather avoid dying until you have at least lived? I mean you're only 15 Izzy. You haven't even lived for half a life and you don't care about dying while you're young?"

        "I told. I am not ready to die, but it doesn't scare me."

        "Whatever," he says. "Lets get back to the house. We're leaving soon."

        He grabs my hand and leads me back to the house. Once we are in the back yard I drop Carl's hand and sprint to the stairs. I run up the stairs and slide the glass doors open. I run in quickly and look outside to see Carl just now running up the stairs. I smile and walk into the bedroom that me and Carl share. I plop down on the bed and lay back against the pillow as I catch my breath. Carl comes in a minute later. "Well its about time you showed up," I tease.

       He rolls his eyes. "I wasn't running as fast as I could."

       "What makes you think I was?" I smirk.

       "Oh I know you were. You aren't that much faster than me," he smiles.

       "Sure," I say sarcastically.

       "We need to get ready to leave."

       "Do we have to leave today?" I ask.

       "I figured we would... but I guess we don't have to."

       "I like the peacefulness of this place. And to be honest I like it better with just us 4," I admit.

       "Okay we can stay one more day."

       "Yay!" I stand up and give him a big hug. I give him a small kiss before letting him go.



       Okay so I am thinking about only updating every Sunday because I am not going to have enough time to update everyday over the summer. Plus this way it will be like the actual show and it will make you wait a week for the next chapter. But I'm not sure if I'm going to do that or not. I will let you know whenever I decide. Okay guys so please hit that "like" button if you have enjoyed reading this book so I know how many people actually like it. Also please comment what you think about it so far. I love CC and any ideas that you have I would love to hear them. Thank you all for reading this!!!

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