The Dead Walking 3

So many things happen in a lifetime. Some are good and some are bad. All of these things make up a person. All of these things determine who you are. I have to say that my memories are mostly bad, but the few good ones are the things that keep me going. (this is the third book in the Dead Walking series)


8. Now's Not the Time

           *Carl's point of view*

          I wanted to tell her that I was sorry. That I didn't want her to lose her friend. I really did. But she didn't give me the chance. She left yesterday. She hasn't come back yet. I don't know if she will. I don't know if she'll ever forgive us. Ever forgive me. I know I shouldn't have sided with my dad so completely. I should have been on her side too. She would still be here. She would still love me. Everything would be fine.

        I sigh and pace in front of the bed that we used to share. I keep my head down as I walk. If she isn't going to come back then I will have to get her myself. Even if she doesn't like me anymore. I cant let her go on her own. I just cant. No matter what she thinks of me, I still love her. Now I just have to convince my dad to let me go. Which is highly doubtful so most likely I will be sneaking out of here. Maybe I shouldn't even say anything. That sounds okay.

        I grab a book bag and stuff it full with my things. I pack extra ammo for my gun, 2 cans of soup, some little snacks, an extra shirt, and some bandages for my arm. I put my arms through the straps and it hangs behind me. I am wearing jeans, a green t-shirt, and some sneakers. I don't want to be too hot while I'm walking. That would not be a fun time.

        I walk stealthily through the store. It is still day time, but the sun is already setting. Most people will still be up. I walk through the clothes section, weaving my way through. I stop. I see Beth up ahead. She looks in my direction and I fling myself behind a clothing rack. Whew. I make my way around her and come out to the main isle. I look down both ways. Its clear. I sprint across and hide behind a cashier's counter. When I see the coast is clear I run to the door. Thank God no one is guarding it. I run outside and look back for a moment to make sure no one saw me. Nope.

        I continue running until I am all the way at the other side of the parking lot. I start to walk as I get out on the road. I don't even look back as make my way down the wide, black topped road.


                      *Izzy's point of view*


             I continue looking out of the window. As they get closer I can see that Katy and Mark have their hands tied behind her back. Mark looks tired and Katy looks like she hasn't stopped crying since she was captured. As much as I love her, she can be a cry baby. I mean crying doesn't get you anywhere in that case. It just makes you look weak.

         They step over the fallen fence and walk in the main door. I cant see them anymore. The main door leads you to the main part of the jail. If you go to the left it leads you to the "kids section" and if you go to the right it leads you here. It can lead them here. I spin around and run into the nearest cell. If they come in I can see them from here and shoot them. Yes. I will have to shoot them. I will have to kill them. I guess it doesn't matter. Its not like I haven't killed people before.

          I let the cold, stone wall prop me up. I let my head lean back so I don't even have to support my head. I feel tired. Even though I haven't even really DONE anything today beside walk some more. Maybe its because I know that I have to kill 4 people. My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of foot step and voices getting closer and closer to this big room that contains the adults cells.

         "Are you sure this where they keep the weapons? It better or trust me you will regret not telling me the truth," I hear a voice demand.

        "Y-yes," Katy's choked voice sounds.

        "Better be," someone else mutters.

         "It is!" Mark snaps.

         I hear a groan and the sound of wood hitting flesh. "Stop that!" Katy yelps.

         "You want it too?" a man yells.

         I don't here a reply. So that's why they wanted some of our people. They wanted to know where the weapons were. That makes sense. I hear the foot steps enter the room and I peek my head out just enough to see them. Mark's face has a red slash mark across his cheek bone. I also see that one of the mean are holding a whip, not wood. Ow. They hit him with a whip! That's got to hurt... a lot.

          One of them looks in my direction and I pull my head back in quickly. "Go check the cells for anything else," one man instructs.

       I hear someone walking to the very beginning of the row of cells. Luckily I am at the end. I look around the little cell I am in and find a just what I'm looking for... a belt. I pick it up and wait patiently for the man to get to my cell. Its takes him a moment before he finally reaches me. When he stops in the doorway his eyes widen. He is not that old. Maybe 20. He is sort of short and he doesn't look very built. He'll be an easy kill. I grab the collar of his shirt and yank him in the cell. I grab the belt on either sides and wrap it around his neck. I put my foot on his back and push is body forward while I pull backwards on the belt. His hand clutch uselessly at the belt as he gasps for breath. I fight the urge to let him go. Don't think about it Izzy. Thank about your happy place. Ands that what I do.

         He stops struggling after a minute and he slumps to the floor. I take a deep breath and look out of the cell again. I only see 2 men now. Katy and Mark are sitting on the floor in the corner of the room. Now's my chance. I step out of the cell. Mark and Katy look over at me with shocked, but excited eyes. I think I see a hint of anger in Katy's though. I hold my finger to my lips telling them to "keep quiet." They nod. The 2 men are hovering over the big container holding the weapons talking excitedly.

       I know what I have to do. Something I think will be even harder than strangling someone with a belt. A gun will me too loud. It will cause too much attention. There's only one things I can do. My sword. I feel my heart beat faster just at the thought. I tip toe across the room and stop about 10 feet back. You have to Izzy. You have to. I tell myself this, but I still don't know if I can. You have to. Just pretend they're zombies. This makes me feel better.

        I pull my sword out slowly so I don't make any noise. I hold it like a base ball bat, ready to swing. I take a deep breath. I have to do it now. I cant think about it or I wont be able to do it. I squeeze my eyes shut and close my eyes as I swing. I feel the impact in my arm from hitting something solid, but I don't open my eyes until I feel my sword swing into plain air. Only then do I open my eyes, but I don't look at the floor. I don't look at the bodies.

       I turn around and look at Mark and Katy. They look shaken. Maybe surprised or scared. Maybe not scared though because I know they didn't mind me killing them people to get them out of here. "Come on," I whisper.

        They stand up and I untie both of their hands. "How... how did you do that? Just... kill them 2 like that?" Katy asks.

        I shake my head. "I didn't just kill them. I had to make myself do it and I- I wouldn't have done it like that if I had another option. I had to save you guys," I explain.

       She nods. "We're gonna have to talk," she says quietly.

       "I know, but now's not the time. Do you know where the other guy is?"

       "He went down that hall to guard the door," Mark says. That's the first time he has talked to me.

       "Okay. Then lets go."

       We all walk down the hall and turn into the main room. The man is pacing in front the main door where they came in at. He isn't looking at us. Just one more time. Just one more time and I'm done. No more deaths. I walk forward, quickly, but quietly. When I reach the man I pause a moment. I thrust the sword forward. It enters his upper back and exits out the front of his body. I gag a little before pulling it out. The shiny metal is now wet with blood.

        "L-lets g-go," I stutter.

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