The Dead Walking 3

So many things happen in a lifetime. Some are good and some are bad. All of these things make up a person. All of these things determine who you are. I have to say that my memories are mostly bad, but the few good ones are the things that keep me going. (this is the third book in the Dead Walking series)


15. Notification!!!

         Hey guys its Sam. I just want to check and see what you guys are thinking about this movella. Like I have said at least 10 times before I love to hear constructive criticism and any ideas that you have. If you think there is something I should explain more TELL ME so I can do it. I cant read minds and I would love to hear you ideas. Also if you are enjoying this movella hit that LIKE and FAVORITE button so I know how you guys are liking it. So far from what I can tell you guys have hated this one because The Dead Walking has 14 likes and The Dead Walking 2 has 9 likes. This book only has 4 and that is a record low :( It would mean so much to know that you guys like this movella. It seems that the only people who have commented are @JackD013, @UnknownWithinSociety, and @Beecah_lee... sorry if I spelled any usernames wrong. So please like, comment, and favorite. THANK YOU! :)

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