The Dead Walking 3

So many things happen in a lifetime. Some are good and some are bad. All of these things make up a person. All of these things determine who you are. I have to say that my memories are mostly bad, but the few good ones are the things that keep me going. (this is the third book in the Dead Walking series)


10. Notification!!!

       Okay so now I'm sad :( I only have 3 likes on this book compared too 11 on "The Dead Walking" and 8 on "The Dead Walking 2" Do you guys not like this book as much as the others? If so please LIKE so I know how many people actually like this book. Also PLEASE comment so I know what you guys think!!! I don't like to have to guess what people think about this. If you don't like this movella then tell me how to make it better! I love constructive criticism! Okay so please like, comment, and favorite so I know how many people are liking this book!!! Thank you :)

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