The Dead Walking 3

So many things happen in a lifetime. Some are good and some are bad. All of these things make up a person. All of these things determine who you are. I have to say that my memories are mostly bad, but the few good ones are the things that keep me going. (this is the third book in the Dead Walking series)


1. Almost

          I feel a zombie grab my arm and I scream. I try to pull my arm away, but it's grip is too strong. Its mouth lunges for my arm. Its teeth are about to sink in when I hear a gunshot. The zombie lets go and falls to the ground. Several more gunshots sound in the air. I see the zombies start to fall down around me. I cant see who is shooting them, but whoever it is just saved our life. I throw my arms around Carl neck and rest my head on his chest as the rest of the zombies are being shot. I squeeze my eyes shut. Carl wraps his arm around my waist and strokes my hair.

         We almost died

         We almost got bit by a zombie

         We almost did, but we didn't.

          I look around. It is just me and Carl standing in a massacre of zombies. I can see who shot them all now. I smile and tears of happiness roll down my cheeks. I grab Carl's hand and run towards them. All of them are here. Rick, Beth, Maggie, Glenn, Lizzie, Mika, Carol, Daryl, and Mashone. They're all here.

          Rick throws his arms around me and Carl. I enjoy the embrace. I move on to Beth. I give her a hug too. I go down the line, giving them all hugs. "Thank God," I say.

         "What happened?" Rick demands.

         Carl speaks up before I can. "A group was here when we arrived. We were able to kill them, but I guess the gun shots attracted a bunch of zombies. We were surrounded," Carl explains.

          Rick nods. "Are you sure that's all of them?"

          "I don't know. That's all that came out of there," he shrugs.

          "We need to send a small group in there to check before we send everyone in."

          "What's the group going to be?" Daryl asks.

          "Hm... You, me, and Glenn," Rick tells us.

          "No!" Maggie shakes her head. "Glenn doesn't need to go. What If there is still tons of them in there? Its too dangerous."

          "I'll be fine Maggie. I promise," Glenn hugs Maggie before walking away with Rick and Daryl.

          Maggie runs her hands through her hair and lets out an exasperated sigh. "He'll be fine," I assure her.

         She smiles a little and says, "Yeah... I just worry about him ya know. I'm always afraid one of these times he wont come back."

         "Yeah I know," I nod. I turn around and walk over to Carl who is sitting on the ground. "Hey."

         "Hey," he responds quietly.

         "Whats wrong?" I ask.

         "Nothings wrong Izzy," he shakes his head. "Its just that we've ALMOST died too many times."

         "That's true, but hey... we're still alive aren't we?"

         "Barely. I wouldn't really call this living," he says sarcastically.

         "No really," I agree. "But its better than nothing," I point out.

         "I mean this. All of this," he waves his hands around to demonstrate what "this" is. "All we do is walk around, kill things, and do some more walking. I mean we don't have homes. We don't even have ourselves. None of us are even close to being the same person as we were 2 years ago. We're all monsters," he shakes his head again.

          "That's true too. I mean I understand Carl. I understand what you are saying. Trust me I do, but the point of living is not to stay the same person throughout our lives. The point of living is to let your experiences make you into a better person. Life has its shitty moments, but the point of living is to hold on to the moments that aren't. Because I know you have had some good memories and times that you loved," I tell him.

          "Yeah... I have. Most of them with you."

          "Exactly. Don't get so worked up over today. If God wanted us to die then we'd be dead right now," I joke.

         He smiles. "Where did you learn how to be so smart?"

         "I didn't. It just comes naturally," I smile too.

         "I used to have a cat," he says out of no where.


         "He was so stupid," he shakes his head.

         I laugh a little. "Okay what does that have to do with anything we were talking about?" I ask.

         "Not that kind of "stupid" I mean he was STUPID he didn't know how to do anything. Like when we would put food in his bowl, most cats would run to it, but he wouldn't. He would just sit there and look at you. We would have to pick him up and carry him to his bowl and basically shove his face in the bowl for him to eat. Then one day I was playing outside with him and he just fell over and died," Carl explains.

         I know I should feel bad for him since his cat died, but I feel the exact opposite. I laugh, unable to stop myself. I laugh so hard my chest hurts. Carl laughs too. "Did he seriously just fall over and die?" I finally ask.

         "Yes! He was just walking around and all of a sudden he fell over and he just... died," Carl starts to laugh a little bit and I laugh too.

         "What was his name?"

         "Billy Bob."

         "Oh my God are you serious Carl?! That's name is just... sad. Maybe he thought that you guys didn't like him and he had a heart attack or something," I insist.

         "I never really did like him anyways. My parents just got him because we wanted to see what having a cat was like. For us it wasn't very fun..." he trails off.

         "I cant believe you had a retarded cat named Billy Bob," I shake my head.

         I start to laugh again and so does Carl. "I had 2 cats named Kitty and Lil' Bit. None even close to Billy Bob and mine were never stupid. I mean yeah sometimes they acted stupid, but... I don't know... I think your cat just might not have liked you and was trying to commit suicide."

         "Maybe. But my mom was really nice to him. I mean I never hurt it or anything," he shrugs.

         "Oh my God. I cant even... I cant even process that. If my cat just fell over and died I would go crazy!"

         "Well I bet your cats were nice and smart cats," he points out.

         "They were normal cats!"

         He laughs again. I see Rick, Glenn, and Daryl walking out of the building. They don't look worried so I'm guessing its clear. When they reach us Rick says," Its all clear. We couldn't find any zombies."

         The whole group lets out a breath of relief. We all stand up and walk to the building. Me and Carl are in the back. I grab Carl's hand and smile. "We will continue this conversation later," I instruct.

         "Okay," he smiles back.


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