Rose has a lot if family problems then she meets Harry, more problems rise from this romance.


3. Paint Day

Chapter 3: Paint Day

I woke up with the worst headache, and walked to the bathroom and grabbed some ibprophen. I checked the time, 7:20 am, not bad. Aunt Eve and Uncle John have work, Thea was probably on her way to her job, and Noah and Alex are most likely still sleeping. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to make some breakfast. I thought of what to make, eggs, yes, muffins, yes, waffles, yes, coffee, definitely, bacon, why not.

I got all of the ingredients out and started making the waffles. Then the eggs, while making the bacon. And made some blueberry muffins.

"ROSE!!!!!!! ARE YOU MAKING BREAKFAST? CAUSE IT SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN!!" Noah yelled. I laughed, everyone thought I was an amazing cook but Noah could never have enough.

"Yes Noah, go wake up Alex and get down here before the food gets cold!"

"Will do!"

I grabbed some plates from the cupboard and some utensils then placed them on the table.

"FOOD!!" I turned around and saw little Alex smile. That boy is so innocent, how can he be her child?? I thought. He ran towards me and gave me the biggest hug he could attempt to make.

"Hey Alex, wanna have some breakfast?" I asked.

"Yes pwease."

I put some eggs, a muffin, a waffle, and a slice of bacon on his plate with some orange juice.

"Your not putting anything on my plate," Noah commented.

"Dude you can serve yourself, your OLDER than me!" I said. I put some food on my plate and grabbed a cup of coffee.

"This looks sooooo good!" Noah said after putting the food on his plate. "Oh Rose?"

"What'd up?"

"I saw a note in the hallway that was for you from mum."

"Umm, I check it after we eat." I started eating my food and drank some of my coffee while Noah and Alex were goofing off. I grabbed the dishes and washed them all then went into the hallway to see what the note said.

I found it on the little side table and it said: Rose go to one of the spare guest rooms and see what's in there. -Eve

I walked to the closest guest room and opened the door. I really didn't know what to expect to get from Aunt Eve, she's a very intriguing woman. I looked around and there was a sheet over a pile of something and the furniture was covered, I walked toward the mystery pile and found a not and it said: You can do what you want to this room, but remember, I must love it. -Eve

I put the note in my pocket and lifted up the sheet.

"Oh my gosh…today is gonna be awesome." There were buckets of paint, a pallet, paint brushes of various sizes. I ran to my room changed into some old clothes, took my pills and ran back to the room.

I opened up all the buckets of paint, grabbed a paintbrush and started painting. I just focused on the design, the colors, and forgot everything else. I just felt at peace whenever I paint.

I checked the time a while later it was, 5:57pm, Wow I must've been in the zone, I thought. I covered up the buckets and washed the paintbrushes and pallet. I looked at my artwork on the wall, and I was happy at what I did.

It was a giant cherry blossom tree, to me those trees are extremely beautiful. I walked into the living room and saw Alex and Noah watching a movie.

"Whatcha watching?" I asked.

"Hunger Games!" Noah said happily.

"Noah, Alex can't watch that movie! Watch something else like…like Finding Nemo. That's a good movie for him."


I sat down on the couch and we watched the movie. Thea, Aunt Eve, and Uncle John walked into the house when the movie was almost over.

"Who wants pizza?!" Uncle John asked.

"I do!!!" Noah and I yelled.

"I'll order some right now!" Thea said grabbing her phone from her purse.

"Rose?" Aunt Eve whispered.


"Did you paint anything today?"

"Yes!" I said as I grabbed Aunt Eve's arm to take her to the room.

"Wow it's beautiful…"

"Pizzas are here!" Uncle John hollered. We walked into the dining room to get some pizza. What a nice day I thought.

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