Rose has a lot if family problems then she meets Harry, more problems rise from this romance.


1. Home

Chapter 1: Home

I got off the plane holding my little brother's hand and walked toward my Camry Hybrid. We got in my car and I drove towards my house, I can't ever be far enough away from her, I thought. Around an hour of driving I pulled into my driveway and got out the car holding my brother.

I opened the door to be met by Liam, my cousin.

"ROSE AND ALEX ARE HERE!!!" Liam yelled.

Aunt Eve, Thea, and Uncle John rushed to the living room with excitement. We've been planning to bring Alex to the UK to live with us instead of her.

"So dinner is almost ready and you," Aunt Eve/ mum pointed at Liam,"will take Alex to his new room and unpack his clothes and toys."

"Okay mum, come Alex I'm gonna show you your room!" Liam said as he carried Alex up the stairs.

"Well, Liam finally has a brother," Aunt Eve said. I smiled recalling how Noah complained how he was brotherless.

Aunt Eve tapped my shoulder trying to gain my attention.

"Did she change?"

"No…she's still a monster."

Everyone I might not put a title for each chapter but I will try

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