Rose has a lot if family problems then she meets Harry, more problems rise from this romance.


5. Carnival

Chapter 5: Carnival

I got dressed in high-waisted shorts, dark purple v-neck T-shirt, black converse, and a checker pattern hat. I in the living room waiting for Samuel, Grace, Anna, and Nathan to pick me up . As soon as I heard a car honk I dashed out the door to the car.

"Hey guys!" I said happily.

"HI!!!!!!" Samuel screamed. I laughed, Samuel was like my best friend ever, without him well I don't know what would happen.

"Hey," Nathan said trying to be sexy but failing miserably. He's like the class clown, but still extremely nice and somewhat helpful.

"Sup!" Grace said excitedly. This girl is the kind if person when you give them a lot of sugar, they go crazy.

"Yellow," Anna said. She is like the sweetest person in the country, she volunteers at 3 homeless shelters, one children hospital, and at the library.

"Are we going or not?!" I yelled, Samuel smiled. He's actually really attractive. He would make all the girls fall head of heels for him, but he likes me. A normal girl around 5'7, light brown wavy hair, dark blue eyes, and a bit pale.

"Hold it Rose, get in the car and maybe then we can go."

"Kay kay." I jumped in the Highlander and buckled up.

"Let's go today!" Nathan shouted impatiently. Samuel drove out of my driveway and towards the carnival.

It took a about twenty minutes to get there, and when we reached there it was so pretty. There lights high up making it look like hundreds of stars. All of the booths lit up with various colors. And the rides looked really cute.

"This is so pretty!" I squealed.

"Ya, it looks really nice," Samuel agreed. He put his arm around my shoulder and walked me to one of the booths.

"We'll catch up with you guys!" Samuel yelled as we walked away from Nathan, Anna, and Grace.

Few hours later…

"Ooooh! Let's go on that ride!"

"Okay!!!" I screamed at Samuel.

We went on the spinning teacups and met up with the rest of the gang and went home. I went to my room and collapsed on my bed from exhaustion.

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