Rose has a lot if family problems then she meets Harry, more problems rise from this romance.


2. A day with Alex

Chapter 2: A day with Alex

The next day…

I told Aunt Eve I was going to show Alex around London so he can get used to living here with his family. So I held his hand and walked into a relatively close bookstore and I let him pick five books. Then we went to Hyde Park and played tag, hide-and-seek, watched the birds, and I drew a picture of Alex.

After that we were both hungry, so I took him to Signor Sassi (a Italian restaurant) and he loved it. This has been a great day, your now with a family that loves you instead of her. I thought.

I took out my phone and saw that I had 11 calls, 34 text messages, and 7 voice mails. There all from Samuel, Nathan, Grace, and Anna. They all wanted to know if I was doing anything today, and they were trying to contact me around 1 pm. I check the time, it was 7:41pm. Crap! I thought. I paid for the food and left a tip, then walked home with Alex.

When I opened the door I was tackled by Noah, who was being held back by Thea (my sister).

"How dare you take my baby brother without permission!!!!" Noah yelled after I got up from his tackle. Jesus, that hurt. That boy needs to rugby or football (soccer) or something I thought.

"What did you say Noah?" I asked because I wasn't paying to him per say but the pain he inflicted on me.

"I said 'How dare you take my baby brother without permission!!!!'"

Thea and I burst out laughing.

"What's so funny guys?" Noah asked curiously yet still mad at me.

"Nothing!" I said trying to catch my breath. "Alex show Noah your books I got you." Alex smiled and walked to Noah with a bag of books.

"He's all yours Noah!!! Oh and Thea where's my phone charger? Samuel, Nathan, Anna, and Grace were trying to kill my phone."

"Um I think it's in the living room," Thea said while walking up the stairs to her room. "I'm going to watch Netflix so leave me alone!"

I smiled, Thea has been obsessed with Netflix since two months ago. I walked into the living room in search of my iPhone charger. I found it near the TV and grabbed it and went to my room. I plugged my charger box thing or whatever you call it into an outlet then plugged my phone in the charger.

I changed into some sweatpants and a 5 Seconds of Summer T-shirt. I laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about the time I first got here. Me and Thea were dropped off here with family that knew of our existence and actually cared for us, we were dropped off by our mother.

I felt myself get angry extremely quickly and ran to the bathroom grabbing a sharp blade and cut my wrist. I avoided the veins cause, well, I still wanna live for Christ sake.

I looked at my wrist and became extremely displeased of what I've been trying desperately NOT to do. I haven't cut myself in 7 months. I walked to Thea's room and opened the door, I didn't give a damn if I bothered her Netflix time.

"What do you want Rose?" Thea asked. I showed her my wrist, the expression Thea wore made me feel guilty because I promised to never do this again. Thea grabbed her phone and called Aunt Eve and Uncle John, apparently they were on a date.

It took 3 minutes to come home and take me to my "special" doctor. He prescribed me more anti-anger and anti-depressing pills. Great I thought.

As we were pulling out of the parking structure I thought of something that might take my mind away from that woman.

"Uncle John and Aunt Eve?"

"Yes sweetie?" They said at the same time.

"Um I thought of something that may take my mind off of...um you know."

"What do you have in mind?" Aunt Eve asked.

"Painting! There are buckets of paint in the basement that we're not using, so I was wondering if I could get some canvases and/or paint the walls."

Aunt Eve thought about it for a sec.

"Maybe but your uncle and I will talk about it later. 'Kay, and when we get home you should go to sleep it's 10:52pm"


We pulled into the driveway and I went to room, and when my head hit the pillow I was out.

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