1. Birth

Michiko Leans over the newborn child's wooden crib. 

"Beautiful isn't she?" Ryu says leaning over Michiko's shoulder to peek in the crib. 

"Yes, don't you think she will make a fine Forbidden?" Michiko says in a whispery tone. 

"Can't really say." Ryu ponders, "I guess it will fall into place when the time comes." Michiko touches the baby's forehead, creating rainbows of light on the child's body. The colors make the room bright. 

"Why did you choose all of them?" Ryu says in awe.

"Oh, I don't really know." Michiko says walking away from the crib, "We haven't had a Bearer of  the Elements since Kamiko. It should be interesting." 

"Indeed." Ryu chuckles, following Michiko into a portal. 


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