Hi my name is Blair I know its a weird name but don't judge like most people do, I'm 17 and have light dirty blonde hair slightly wavy at the ends, hazel eyes even though most people say they are more greenish but this is my story about how my best friend let fame get to him and left me and forgot about me or did he?


1. moving

Blair's Pov.


Hi my name is Blair I'm 17 turning 18 this October i have long light blonde wavy hair, hazel eyes even though everyone says they are green. Mum and I are moving back to London for her job since she got transfered. Even though I love London I really dont want to go back after what happened three years ago when he left me and broke the biggest promise of all.


Niall just called me over and said he had something very important to tell me so I should meet him at Nandos in 10 mins ,I rushed upstairs to  get changed into a white high low candies tank top that had lace in the back with with galazy print leggings, then i slipped on white flats then leaving with my hair down naturaly with a little marcara,eyeliner and lipgloss on overall my natural look.

I dident have to go so far considering Nandos is only two blocks down from where I live,I rushed in and saw him sitting at are normal booth right by the window in the back.I sat down with a spair.

Ello Nilliar, I said cheerfully, intill I saw the nervous look on his face. Whats wrong I asked knowing it was pretty bad if he was looking like that. he took a deep breath and said i'm goning to try out for X-Factor looking away after he said it. Oh when do you leave i asked today   and right at that moment my heart shattered in peices. Niall i'm so happy for you all of your dreams are coming true. After i said that he seemed to lighten up a little bit and said are you really ok with it Blair.

I thought about it for a min. Then answered you have to promise me one thing. Ok what is it, Promise that you will never forget about me when you become famous. I promise then he told me to close my eyes and then i felt something cold slip around my neck. Ok open he said I looked down to see a necklace that said best friends forever and on the back it said Niall plus Blair

Thank you so much Niall  then he said i have one too and pulled it out from under his shirt then following he said dont ever take this off so we will never forget eachother  and with that before i knew it he was gone and are promise was broken and forgotten.

End Of Flashback

That was the main reason why i didnt want to go back to London, personaly i just hope we dont run into eachother because he is on tour in  london right now all i can do is hope I said while stairing down at my neckalce i just hope he dident break his own promise too.


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