Hi my name is Blair I know its a weird name but don't judge like most people do, I'm 17 and have light dirty blonde hair slightly wavy at the ends, hazel eyes even though most people say they are more greenish but this is my story about how my best friend let fame get to him and left me and forgot about me or did he?


3. i remember

Niall's Pov.

ugh we were at meet and greet for like two hours now i love my fans and evrything but some get out of hand. This girl just walked up with a white t shirt that had a piture of a british flag that said i love one direction. She looked just like Harry's type but then he didn'yt look intested but instead he was looking at the next girl in line which was short had long blonde hair and i couldnt tell what color eyes she had she reminded me of someone but i just figured it was just another fan from somewhere.

 then i heard her say take a picture it lasts longer to harry i couln't help but laugh.then i got caught up in a conversation with liam saying that we had a interveiw later. i heard someone say hello but i dident really care at the moment i thought i was still that crazy fan. so i just said hi backthen i heard the person mumble do you remember me i turned around instaly thinking it could be Bair i felt so bad for not keeping in touch but i know i will never see her again.i looked  at the girl she didnt really look like Blair. Blair allways was really really short this girl was alittle taller so ya its a weird way to cross people out but thats how i do it then i said ya i remember you i met you at the meet and great lats week no back stage or at the tour i asked

Right at that moment she let a single tear drop from her eye i felt really bad and was about to say something when she ran off.t hat was weird i thought who could she be. about a half an hour later the crazy scary fan with the british flag i love one direction t- shirt came back and started yelling at me and i noticed the girl from earlier standing behind her crying. who could that be then i heard the crazy fan yell one last time how could you foregt her then she said come lets go Blair. Right there all the peices strated coming toghther

i just staired at her in shock

she took a deep breath and walked over to me and said hey i guess you don't remember me so there's no reason to keep this then she put her hands behind her back and uncliped something put it in front of me and ran off. i looked down and saw the the necklace that i gave her i highschool before i left for x-factor. without even thinking i got up out of my booth with evryone looking over at me at the scene that just happened and ran after her boy she was fast i remember in highschool she was the fastest person on the track team so if she didn't want to stop then i wouln't catch up to her. i hope she can forgive for leaving i never broke the promise though i denfinly still remember her thought looking down at my necklace around my neck.

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