Hi my name is Blair I know its a weird name but don't judge like most people do, I'm 17 and have light dirty blonde hair slightly wavy at the ends, hazel eyes even though most people say they are more greenish but this is my story about how my best friend let fame get to him and left me and forgot about me or did he?


2. do you remember me

blair's pov.

it's been two weeks since mum and i moved back to London, i only have one friend so far her name is Maddie. she is short like me but about two inches taller she has dark brown hair with bright blue eyes unkuckily she is a huge fan of one direction so i can't tell her the truth about me and niall being friends when we were little.


Hey Blair guess what she said basicly jumping off the walls and her smile could go to the moon and back. OMG what i said useing a high girly girl voice me and her just laughed till are tummy's hurt. Ok what were going to tell me again i asked. oh ya how could i almost forget. Today me and you are going to one direction meet and greet she yelled jumping up and down. Yay i said sarcastily she knew i wasent a big fan for them. ok so we need to get ready she said she ran upstairs basicly dragging me with her.She got changed into a white t-shirt that had a british flag and said i love one direction while changeing into red skirt with white high heals finsihing off with her hair curled while having alittle too much makeup on but still looked presentable. While i got changed into a baby blue tanktop which was high low with white ripped skiny jeans blue flipflops and my hair laying down naturaly wavy with my noraml makeup on so niall might recognise me finishing off with the necklace he gave me never once did i take it off.


we got to the mall where the meet and greet was, there was a long line luckily i had time to think over what i was going to say. Even though i had two hours to think i over i decied to just wing it. maddie went first just screaming and jumping around the security guards basicly had to drag her away after her turn was done. then it was my turn first was harry hi i said a bit nerous not really sure why i didnt like them anyway.he said hello back and asked if i wanted to take a picture with him i siad yes even though i just wanted to go see niall, i said thank you but as i went to the next person i felt him stairing at me so i turned around and said take a picture it lasted longer. he just blushed and looked away. while everyone was laughing.


Ello i said to the next person that i coulnt recall their name then he said hi it was pretty akward so i just went on the the next person after asking him to sign the thing that maddie gave me.The next one was zayn so i just asked for a picture then went on to liam which was the same just saying hi and getting a picture or getting somthing signed.


But finaly it was nialls turn yay i said in my head you can do this Blair i thought once agian before saying hi to him

hello would you like picture or a autogragh he said without even looking at me. I was a litlle crushed that he dident even look at me but then i still went on.

may i ask you a question i said sure he said only half way listening to me while still talking to one of his bandmates. do you remember me? at that he turned around to look at me the first time

He answered with ya yep I do At that moment i was jumping up and down so happy that he dident forget his promise. but then when he opend his mouth again he recked the moment. Um i met you at the last tour right wait no backstage or was it um another meet and greet. right then i knew he forgot about everything i let one tear slide down my cheak and ran to my best friend for comfert


what happened to you she asked at that moment i told her evrything that happened first she was so excided that i knew one direction then she was mad that i dident tell her then finaly she came back to her senses and said are you sure lets go talk to him. so we ran up one last time and she started yelling at him saying how could you do that to her . after her big blow up she told me to come with her i stayed for one last second and decied to talk to him one last time. Hey i know you dont remember me so i guess theirs no need to remember you so i put the necklace that he gave in highschool and ran away cring. I heard footsteading running after me but they soon faded as soo as i got home i shut the door behind me and sat down right behind it knowing i lost one and only true best friend.

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