A dream made true

I've always loved magcon and dreamed about meeting them. But today's not just a dream. Today's the day I finally get to meet my idols with my best friend. Read to find out what happens next :)


2. School

Chapter 2

Sierras POV

My first class of the day, math. I didn't mind math, I was in the honors class so I was pretty good at it. I sat down and thought to myself about meeting Matt and talking to the boys and taking pictures and---

"Sierra what's the answer?"

Crap! I totally forgot! I completely blacked out thinking about later, and this was my weakest point in math class.

I look up and see my math teacher, along with the rest of my class starring at me.


I heard a whisper from across the room. It was my other friend from across the room whispering the answer.

"8x multiplied by 7b?" I guessed

I was right. Relieved, I tried focusing for the remainder of the class. Finally the bell rang and I ran to English language arts. We started reading a story. Of course, I couldn't help it and started day dreaming again.

"Sierra who is the main character?"

Not knowing what's happening or that I'm even speaking,

"Matthew Espi---"

"SIERRA!" My teacher scolds.

I snap out of it. Luckily I already read this book before.

"Hazel grace lancaster" I say. And the bell rings. I must of been dreaming for a pretty long time if it's passed this quick. Oh well. I hurry to science where I can focus the whole class. My teacher is strict and she is the one teacher nobody dares to mess with. I sit in my chair focusing as best I can. The bell rings once again and I slowly walk down the hall, avoiding all the older kids, and make my way to the class everyone dreads. Social studies. Luckily, I was getting dismissed in 10 minutes, so I pretended to listen in class until my teacher got a call from the office

"Sierra your being dismissed."

I quickly stood up out of my seat and ran out to my locker. I throw everything in there and grab my phone. I slip that in my pocket and put my bag over my shoulder. I slam my locker shut and make my way to the parking lot where Rachel and her dad are waiting in the car.

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