A dream made true

I've always loved magcon and dreamed about meeting them. But today's not just a dream. Today's the day I finally get to meet my idols with my best friend. Read to find out what happens next :)


1. Getting ready

Chapter 1

Sierras POV

"Sierra, wake up! Your gonna be late!" My mom said as she left my room. It was 6:20 AM

I rubbed my eyes and looked over to my calander. Today's the day! I get to meet my idols with my best friend, Rachel. What more could I ask for? I hop out of bed and sprint to the kitchen. I quickly pop a couple waffles into the toaster and pour a glass of milk. I eat my breakfast and run back to my room where I find my phone waiting with a message from Rachel. "Today's the day! I can't wait!"

Rachel's POV

Ugh. When will Sierra text back? I can't hold in my excitement much longer! I run up to my poster of Hayes and think, wow. Today's the day. I'm finally gunna see you. I make sure no one is watching and give him a small kiss on the cheek before a notification going off on my phone. I glance and try to make out the name on my screen. Sierra! I grab my phone and text her back

Rachel: Today's the day! I can't wait!

Sierra: I know, ahhhh!! We finally get to meet them all. And I finally get to see Matt!

Rachel: And I can see Hayes! I gtg get dressed and all that. See you soon!

Sierras POV

I look at the clock. 6:56! I've been day dreaming about them all (well, mostly Matt) for so long I forgot to get ready! I quickly grab the outfit I had planned the night before. My magcon sweatshirt, skinny jeans, and a pair of tan uggs. I run to the bathroom, wash my face and brush my teeth, and run back to my room. I apply my concealer, blush, eye shadow, and a little mascara. I brush my thin, straight, brown hair and put it in a messy side braid. I Grab my eos Chapstick and phone and put them in my pocket as I head out the door, putting my backpack on in a rush. I run over to Rachel's house,(it's just down the street) and find her all ready. We hop in her dad's car as he drives us to school. We talk about magcon the whole way there. We finally get there and me and Rachel go to our lockers. I out my bag and phone in my locker and grab my stuff for math, ela, science, and social studies. I close my locker and then I go to my homeroom class before making it to class.

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