Delilah Anne Darcy Styles

Macy and Harry styles have been together for 3 years Macy is 5 months pregnant see how she her life with superstar Harry styles


1. Meeting The sister

Harry took me into the house that we stayed in for 1 year. Today I would be meeting his sister Gemma I haven't met her yet because she moved to Germany for four years with Gavin her husband I always knew she didn't like me since the day we talked on the phone the meanest thing she's said so far was "where'd Harry find you on the streets". Harry practically hates his sister now because she said that to me. I sat on the couch and I wanted to paint my toes so bad but I didn't want to hurt my baby. I heard a knock on the door I opened it and there she stood Long brown hair dark blue eyes nice long eyelashes and small but full lips and nice shaped dimples she had a small curvy body and little feet she looked a lot like Harry. She snickered "are you going to stare at me forever" she said "no I just your beautiful" i said " thank you" she said I let her inside the house and she rolled her eyes at me "where's Harry" she said " upstairs to your left go down the hall and the big room on the right" I said softly I heard the door shut and she was talking to Harry I put my ear to the door " she's pregnant and she probably wants everything she's so spoiled and you know that I don't know if I will survive a day with that" she said " well stop being such a bitch and deal with it let her be she's going to be your sister soon" he said Gemma stormed out the door and pulled me along "I heard everything you said" I said "why do you hate me" I said " i don't I mean look at you then look at me I'm a nothing and you mean everything to me I don't even think he loves me and I'm pregnant and ... " "Gemma that's great and he loves you I promise well get through this together" I said she hugged me "does Harry know" she nodded. We were in the mall for 3 hours and when I arrived home I hugged Gemma and took my shopping bags inside Harry was eating popcorn and watching family guy "how'd it go" he said " Amazing"

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