Justin Bieber fanfictions

Like reading Justin Bieber fanfics but just not like a story? Here you find short Justin Bieber fanfics. Feel free to comment if you would like me to write something specific.


1. The café

You're sitting at the local café with your friends, just chatting. You all got off school 10 minutes ago and needed a break from everything. When suddenly everyone stops up, looking towards the intrance to the café and in walks the world famous Justin Bieber.

He walks over to the counter, with his around 4 bodyguards around him. Everyone is screaming and being loud, so the owner steps forward and yells.


We qiuetly sat down again, not even trying to get an autograph. The talk around your table started up about how gorgeous he is.

You can't stop looking up at him, you sit there in your own little world and thinks about if he would just hug you or something. Then a small shake in your arm wakes you up from your daydream and you look up to see Justin himself, standing in front of you. Your friends rushed up and asked for autographs and a picture. You ofcourse also got one and a picture to go with it.

"um I was thinking if I could see you soon again?" he whispered, smiling at you. You looked down at the ground, feeling your cheek turn slightly red. Then looked up again and you answered, "yes, you may", and smiled back.

"great, heres my number. text me whenever, beautiful" he smiled and headed out with his bodyguards. Not disappearing completely into his van, without sending you another one of his cute smiles.


pleeeaaase let me know what you think down in the comment and feel free to add ideas there aswell :)))


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