Darcy and Diana

Twins. Fraternal of course. Darcy and Diana Styles. They've never met their Father, Harry Styles. Their Mother and Step father always says that he was a cruel, unforgivable man. What happens when Liam's twin sons kidnap Darcy and Diana and they finally meet their rightful Dad? Is he as evil as their family always made him out to be? Will he love them like he always promised himself? Find out in Darcy and Diana ©2014


1. Rants and Worries

Darcy's Point of View

It all started one day on the way home from school. It was a warm September Friday in the mist of autumn. Diana and I were having one of our famous 'if we knew our dad' rants.

"Come on Diana you can't say that you don't have any interest in our really dad! He helped give birth to us for gods sake!" I say, crossing my arms as we walk.

"I do have interest Darcy, but our parents say that he was a horrible man and I don't what any part of him," Diana says.

"I don't trust them," I say looking down at the cracked, graded sidewalk.

Diana stops, putting a gentle hand on my shoulder, "Why?"

"Because mom promised that she would never get married again, that she would never forget dad, but now all she does bad mouth him! This has been killing me for almost 15 years." Now I am crying my eyes, "Tonight is our 15th birthday party, Don't you think that we should know about our biological father?!"

"I know that it's hard, but we have be strong," Diana says, "let's get ready for our party!" She throws an arm over my shoulder as we head for home.

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