Darcy and Diana

Twins. Fraternal of course. Darcy and Diana Styles. They've never met their Father, Harry Styles. Their Mother and Step father always says that he was a cruel, unforgivable man. What happens when Liam's twin sons kidnap Darcy and Diana and they finally meet their rightful Dad? Is he as evil as their family always made him out to be? Will he love them like he always promised himself? Find out in Darcy and Diana ©2014


9. Origins

"I know," I say.

He looks at the ground.


He perks up, "yes princess?"

"Who were those twin boys?"

He laughs, "those were my friend Liam's sons; Carlos and Tyler Payne."

So they lied about their last name; why?

"They're weird boys, trust me," dad says.

"Then who was that other boy, the one who drove the getaway car?"

He laughed again, "that was my other friend Zayn's son."

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