Darcy and Diana

Twins. Fraternal of course. Darcy and Diana Styles. They've never met their Father, Harry Styles. Their Mother and Step father always says that he was a cruel, unforgivable man. What happens when Liam's twin sons kidnap Darcy and Diana and they finally meet their rightful Dad? Is he as evil as their family always made him out to be? Will he love them like he always promised himself? Find out in Darcy and Diana ©2014


5. Love, Hate, and Twin Boys

Darcy's Point of View

The twins and I talk the rest of the night. Hmm... I wonder where Jack went?

Anyway, the twin and I hang at the bar until the party is over.

When the party is over I say good bye to all the guests and talk to Diana a minute before we start to leave.

Suddenly, I feel a hand on my shoulder. It's Carlos.... I think.... "Hey do you mind if Tyler and I walk you home?"

Did he say Tyler and I? Yes! I got it right!

"No, of course you can walk us home," say smiling.

Diana walks up, "who is this?" She asks.

Carlos answers, "Forgive my manners My lady. I am Carlos Delarosa and you must be Diana Styles, the one I've heard so much about," he kissed her hand, she giggled.

Just then Tyler walks up, "who's the flirt now dork?" He smirks at is brother.

"Shut up Tyler!" He exclaims punching Tyler in the gut.

He doesn't budge, "wimp."

Carlos mumbles under his breathe as we walk out.


We walk not to far before the twin boys stopped in front of an old work van. It's windows were blocked and it was rusting at the seems.

Tyler came up behind me grabbing me by the waist, "Get in the van."

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