Darcy and Diana

Twins. Fraternal of course. Darcy and Diana Styles. They've never met their Father, Harry Styles. Their Mother and Step father always says that he was a cruel, unforgivable man. What happens when Liam's twin sons kidnap Darcy and Diana and they finally meet their rightful Dad? Is he as evil as their family always made him out to be? Will he love them like he always promised himself? Find out in Darcy and Diana ©2014


4. Little Black Dress

Darcy's Point of View

We soon reached The Deck House, I won the race (of course) and Diana trailing along behind.

She held her knees for support, "how do you run so fast?"

I slapped my leg, "I've got wicked calves girl," I say, she laughs.

"Come on you nitwit put your shoes on so we can go inside~" Diana whined.

"Ugh. Fine," I say, using the wall of the wood building for support. The Deck House used to be a bar/dock right on the water, but they changed it to a place you can rent out for parties.

I finally had my shoes on and Diana jumped up in excitement, "hhhhhhuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy uuuuuuuupppppppp!!!!!" She whines pulling me towards the door.

"Let's pull the doors open on the count of three," I suggest. Diana nods back in response, squeezing my hand tighter by the second.

"3," I say.

"2," she says back.

"1," I take a deep breath before opening the door.


The party seems to run smoothly at the beginning with Diana on the dance floor with all her girly friends and me drinking soda with my guy friends at the bar.

I look over at my best friend Jack, he smiles at me, "you look beautiful Dice!" He exclaims. (Don't ask me why he called me Dice. It's.... A long story)

I smile back at him, blushing, "thanks!"

He gets up from his bar stool, "I'll be right back."

I nod as he leaves.

Once he's gone two twin boys, identical, come and sit on either side of me, "hey," the boy on my left says.

"Hey," I say back.

He leans his elbows on the counter, "so... Are you Darcy Styles?"

I look at him funny, then I remember, we invited anyone from our school school to come. "Yep. That's my name, don't where it out."

The boy on the right laughs, "I think we should introduce ourselves, I'm Carlos," he says as he extends his hand.

I take his hand, "nice to meet you Carlos."

Then I turn to the other twin, he chuckles, "what? You want to know my name?," he puts his fingers under my chin, "I'm Tyler," he whispered in my ear.

His brother rolled his eyes, "flirt."

Just then a song came on and I could resist smiling; Little Black Dress by One Direction.

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