Darcy and Diana

Twins. Fraternal of course. Darcy and Diana Styles. They've never met their Father, Harry Styles. Their Mother and Step father always says that he was a cruel, unforgivable man. What happens when Liam's twin sons kidnap Darcy and Diana and they finally meet their rightful Dad? Is he as evil as their family always made him out to be? Will he love them like he always promised himself? Find out in Darcy and Diana ©2014


2. Cinderella Redo

Darcy's Point of View

We soon reach home and walk in the door. "Hey everybody we're home!" We say in unison. We giggle.

"Hey girls welcome back! You ready for tonight?" Mom asks, coming into the entry way.

Diana puts a smile on her face, "yeah! We're ready. In fact, we're gonna go get ready!" She says pulling me up the stairs.

We head upstairs to our bed room where party plans are spread around everywhere. Blueprints of the Desk House, dresses, makeup, hair products, and a whole lot of other Jazz.

We start to get ready, Diana starts by doing our hair and makeup. When she is done we both get into our party dresses. She was wearing a blue dress that went down to her ankles and a white lily in her hair. Her green/blue/black was up in a braided bun.

I was wearing a little black dress and 6 inch black high heels (matching to Diana's blue ones).

My hair flows freely over my left shoulder.

"We look good," I say.

She looks me in the eye, "no, we look great."

With that we walk downstairs towards the biggest night of our lives.

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