Bad Girl

Ezra is your typical teenage girl. She got kicked out of her house at the age of 17 and somehow managed to get a job, but still life sucks. Although one day there is a twist in her "normal day".


7. Why Hello

Niall's P.O.V. 

I smiled ear to ear as Jim slowly turned the tour bus into a small bakery right off the highway. I squinted to see the sign that read the name of the place. Morning Sunshine. Hmm cute name.


Ezra's P.O.V.

Sugar! Yes Please!

Won't you come and give it back to me!

I'm right here...

I sang along to the song as I wiped down tables. I paused for a minute and took out my headphones. I took a moment to look around the bakery and compared it to my life from just 6 months ago. Such a big difference! I am never going back to that dreaded place which I used to call home. Never again. I snapped back to reality and put my headphones back in. 


Niall's P.O.V.

"FREEDOM!!" I screamed the second I hit the ground after jumping off the tour bus stairs. All I could think of in my mind was food food food. I started running towards the small bakery with delight. 

"Niall! Would you slow down!!" Louis called after me as I ran. I stopped.

"What for?" I asked him.

"For me to beat you!!" He yelled as he rushed past me leaving me chuckling until I chased after him, racing. I am NOT going to Louis of all people beat me to MY food. I sprinted after him with all I had and then THUD! I ended up running right into the bakery door which was a pull instead of a push opening. I collapsed to the ground groaning. Louis caught up to me laughing hysterically. He leant down next to me and said, 

"It's a pull door Nialler." Then he pulled the door open chuckled to himself.

I stuck my tongue out at him before clumsily standing up. 


Ezra's P.O.V.

Humming to myself I started to walk aback towards the main counter. THUD! I spun around and saw through the glass doors a blond haired boy laying on the ground holding his head. His friend came up to him said something then walked into the bakery laughing. The blonde one stood up almost falling before walking inside. The second he walked inside he locked eyes with me. I started into them mesmerized open-mouthed until I realized what I was doing. I turned away from him and again started to walk back towards the counter with the dirty dishes. I could hear him walking towards me from behind. 

"Hello beautiful " He said smiling when I was finally behind the counter. I jumped up from below when I heard his thick Irish accent and yet again stared at him. He had blue eyes, perfectly styled hair, and a smile that gave me butterflies. I smiled at him. 

"Quite friendly are we." I said back to him as replaced the coffee filter. 

"Sorry" He mumbled and I smiled at him stopping what I was doing.

"It's fine. Kinda cute actually." I said blushing. I had no idea were all of this courage was coming from, but I liked it. 

He smiled back at me. 

"What's you name?" He asked me suddenly. I blushed.


"Ezra? That is a very beautiful name that fits such a pretty girl if you don't mind me saying."

We both laughed lightly. 

"Do you know who I am?" He asked me. I shook my head.

"You don't? Good." He thought for a moment. 

I didn't want to ask why it was good, but I had plenty of ideas.

"My name is Niall, Niall Horan." He said flashing me a smile. 

"Well Niall. What can I get you today?" I said trying to remind him that he was still just another customer. 

His eyes widened.

"Oh yeah! I forgot I came here for food!!" He exclaimed. 

I laughed at his realization and waited for him to order his food.

"Can I please hhhaaavvvveeee....your number?" I put down my order notepad and looked up at him.

"Really?" I said hopefully.

"Well what boy wouldn't want the number of a beautiful girl like you?" He said. I giggled and blushed. Picking up the ordering notepad again I wrote my number on the paper and ripped it off giving it to him. He smiled widely. He got what he wanted. 

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