Bad Girl

Ezra is your typical teenage girl. She got kicked out of her house at the age of 17 and somehow managed to get a job, but still life sucks. Although one day there is a twist in her "normal day".


4. Morning Sunshine

Ezra's P.O.V.

It's been 4 months since I applied as a waitress at Morning Sunshine. A few of the other waitresses still don't seem to like me that much though. I don't return the glares to them though, I'm not as offensive as I used to be though. Those dark days are long gone. Nowadays I'm much more carefree and happier. With the money I had saved up I got my own apartment about a mile and and half away from the cafe. This is the best my life has ever been! 


Niall's P.O.V.

" COWS ARE FAT! COWS ARE FAT!" Louie was screaming while running around the tour bus. I chuckled while looked down at my phone. OH! I got a text! Let's see here... it's from uncle Si-

        From: Uncle Si :)

             Hey Niall! Just wondering how the tour is going, make sure to take lots of pictures from Instagram, Snapchat,              and Twiiter you know the fans love it! :) Well anyways, a couple of our agents were looking at the ratings for                each of you boys and it seems you ratings have dropped gradually since the last concert. some of the fans                  believe that you never act happy and it makes them sad also. So we have come to the conclusion                                that you should get a girlfriend. It would really up the ratings and help the band. Thanks!

I swear Simon doesn't know how to write just a short text. Since when does he care about me getting a girlfriend anyways?? It's my choice if I want to be in a relationship or not. Ugh. This is making me hungry. I decided I would share it with the boys.

"I WANT FOOD!" I moaned loudly

" When do you not?" Harry plainly said.

" Well yeah, but I'm rreeeallly hungry right now!"

Louie stopped screaming when he heard me and joined in holding his stomach.

"I want food, too! Me belly is feeling small. Don't you want to cure this innocent tummy?"  Louie whimpered a bit and sniffed for effect. 

"Okay okay geez how do we put up with you guys?" Zayn groaned while taking out his earbuds. Lou and I shoot up smiling. 

"FOOD! FOOD! FOOD!" we yelled together. 

"Okay boys we'll stop at the next resturant." our driver Jim said.

"Thanks Jim!!"

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