Bad Girl

Ezra is your typical teenage girl. She got kicked out of her house at the age of 17 and somehow managed to get a job, but still life sucks. Although one day there is a twist in her "normal day".


11. Destination: Unknown

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Niall's P.O.V.

A smile spread across my face and my heart started beating as she asked me where we were heading. 

"Wherever the road takes us." She softly giggled and looked to the floor.

"Uumm excuse me! Niall, we still haven't ordered." Louis said, interrupting our perfect moment with a cheeky grin. I fake smiled and him and gave him a I'm going to kill you later look. An innocent look was plastered all over his face as his shoved me aside and took a step towards Ezra. 

"Hello! I'm Louis! Sorry about my very friendly mate Niall. He's quite desperate as you can tell!!" Niall told Ezra, whispering the last part to her, making her laugh and look at me knowingly.

"I am not!" I protested, hoping to save myself the embarrassment. Blushing I crossed my arms, realizing that I had yet to even glance at the menu. 

"I almost forgot why we were here! Can we please order two loaves of lemon poppy seed bread, and 2 blueberry muffins?" Louis suddenly said, still very hungry. I nodded in agreement. Ezra wrote it down and when to the back of the kitchen to put together our order. 

"What the hell are you thinking??!" Louis yell whispered to me referring to Ezra. 

"What do you mean? She's a really awesome girl and a man knows what he wants Lou." I shot back at him.

"Well first of, you aren't a man. And you've just met the girl and you're invited her on our 3 month long tour? This is supposed to be just the boys!!" He hissed back at me. I moaned in protest, but I knew I wouldn't move on the subject. 

"Uncle Si said a few of the boys need to get girlfriends in order to jack up our rates. Don't you see that's what I'm doing??" That was partially the reason. The other half- well. I couldn't explain it.

"Fine. But only for a little while if management approves." He responded back towards my generally direction. 

YES! This was going to be our greatest tour yet! I jumped up and down at the mere thought of Ezra coming with us.


Ezra's P.O.V.

Retreating for a few minutes from Niall and his friend, to put together their order, I could hear the talking by the counter as I put the bread and muffins into a paper bag...

"What the hell are you thinking??!" I faintly heard them whispering. Back and forth they went until I heard Niall say something I was dreading wasn't true.

"Uncle Si said a few of the boys need to get girlfriends in order to jack up our rates. Don't you see that's what I'm doing??" I get it. So I'm just another piece of their game. Oh hell no. I was not going to be used by some singer trying to get more little girls to shriek at the sight of them. That little shit. He thinks he can just grab any old girl, show her to the audience, and then shove her back onto the street?? Ugh. I had dicks like that. Wait- I had already told him I was coming though. If I change my mind he might realize that I overheard them talking. What if they are forced to take me hostage so I won't tweet to all the Directioners their plan?? Oh man. I didn't want to admit it, but I knew I had to go with this kid.  

Returning to the counter with their order, I rang them up silently, ignoring any comments, and went into the back of the store to grab my stuff. I told them where I lived so we can retrieve my belongings for the tour. Niall smiled as I jumped up and over the counter after telling my boss the plan. he reached out his hand assuming I would take it. Oh no- I am not going to be that kind of girl- but. His hand did look kind of soft. I laced my fingers through his and we walked out of the door of the bakery together- hand in hand. What the hell am I doing. 

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