Dances with vampires

Fate Has Brought Then Together. But Will It Keep them apart

Having moved to a strange town, seventeen-year-old scarlet brown is having the time of her life, until she meets a dark and mysterious boy at a club

But there is a very good reason why Jack halloway is always out at night in the local area and it's not for just fun....


16. Chapter sixteen


Jacks pov

I was pacing back and forth outside her building. Why did I run? I heard the knock at the door and panicked. A crazy irrational thought popped into my head that it was Eleanor outside her door. So I ran.

But why would it be Eleanor? I mean seriously why would Eleanor knock on her door? 

"Arggghhhhhh!" I yelled out in frustration as I grabbed my hair, wanting to pull it out at the root. What the hell was wrong with me!

Then a scream. An ear splitting scream. For the second time tonight I jumped without thinking, only this time it was towards Scarlet.

I landed on her windowsill and tried the window but it was shut tight. I stared at the scene in front of me. That idiot boy Andy was there, it must have been him at the door earlier. He shoved her against the wall and then stormed out. I growled in anger and tried the window again. She must have heard me as she looked up at me. I waited for her to come and let me in but instead she just drew the curtains.

I felt sick to my stomach. What had I done? 

I swear to god, that idiot boy better not step outside this building or I will kill him.



I had no interest in seeing either Jack or Andy for a while. Andy proved quite easy to avoid as he seemed just as hell bent on avoiding me. Jack was different. He was making not seeing him very difficult. He was literally everywhere. After more than a month of absence he seemed to want to make up for lost time by bugging me to death!

Every night as darkness fell he would appear on my windowsill, and every time I would just close my curtains on him. Everywhere I went on campus he was there. I just made sure I stuck as closely to Meg as possible as I knew Jack wouldn't want to hash it out in front of her.

The Christmas Ball came around faster than I expected too. It was now Thursday, the Ball was on Saturday and I still didn't have a dress. I desperately needed to go shopping and that evening that was exactly what I did. I found a breathtakingly beautiful dress that luckily for me was half price in the sale (I could never have afforded it otherwise). It was floor length, red satin with a slit to the knee on the left hand side. There was a tie around the waist which fell down past my bum, and above it was the most beautifully intricate embroidered patterns in a darker red cotton. It was perfect. 

I was feeling pretty good after my purchase (what girl wouldn't be) and headed for the shoe shop to find a pair that matched my new acquisition. I was perusing over a pair of killer heeled open toe sandals when a voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Trademark colour?"

"Seriously? Can a girl not even get some alone time when shopping?" came my sharp reply. Jack was leaning against the wall in a leisurely way, smiling his lopsided smile that told me he didn't take my mood seriously. I grabbed the shoes and went to pay, barging into Jack a little on the way to the counter.

It didn't even move him.

This infuriated me more and after paying I stormed out of the shop without a backward glance.

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