Dances with vampires

Fate Has Brought Then Together. But Will It Keep them apart

Having moved to a strange town, seventeen-year-old scarlet brown is having the time of her life, until she meets a dark and mysterious boy at a club

But there is a very good reason why Jack halloway is always out at night in the local area and it's not for just fun....


17. Chapter seventeen

Jacks pov


Scarlet was really angry. I didn't get it. I came back when I heard her scream. Was she counting on me coming back earlier and not letting it get that far?

She stormed out of the shop and I have her a few seconds head start before I followed. 

I had to get her to talk to me again. I'd missed too much time already and was determined to make the most of her before the council intervened once more.

Thirty seconds gone, I'd better follow her now.


scarlets pov


I stomped off away from the shoe shop. I really needed to look at jewellery but now I knew Jack was here I just wanted to leave.

I spotted a bench and sat on it, head in hands. The conflicting emotions I was feeling was giving me a headache. Half of me wanted to punish Jack for leaving me the other night, but the other half craved his company. Mostly I was just hurt. I was friends with a vampire, sometimes I felt like he was my best friend, surely a certain amount of protection should come with that?

"Please forgive me Scarlet, I miss you."

I looked up into his unblinking eyes and saw his sincerity in them. 

"Ugh, I so want to be mad at you!" 

He grinned. "Does that mean I'm forgiven?"

"S'pose." I replied very ungraciously.

"Excellent!" He lifted me to my feet and slung an arm casually around my shoulder. "I think you need a new necklace to match go with that dress. Come on babe, I'll treat you."


Turns out Jack was loaded! I suppose when you're immortal you have a lot of time to accumulate wealth. We left the jewellery store with not just a new necklace, but earrings and a bracelet to match. They were so beautiful I wanted to cry. They were white gold and contained real diamonds and rubies. I tried to tell him they were too much but he insisted. Well, I didn't try THAT hard...

We were walking back home and the conversation turned the ball.

"At least I have a reason to look forward to going now, I can't wait to wear this beautiful jewellery. Thank you so much!"

"Beautiful jewellery for a beautiful girl." I blushed. "Why weren't you looking forward to it in the first place."

"Mark and Natalya will be there. This time last year I was with Mark and we had such a good time at the ball."

"You could just not go if its going to be painful for you."

"No, I won't give him the satisfaction." Jack nodded, he got it. "It's just going to be hard, seeing them together whilst I go alone."

"I'll go with you want." I raised my eyebrows at him. I just couldn't picture Jack Culverhouse, vampire, at a university dance.

"I'm being serious! I look good in a suit, and I learned some pretty smooth dance moves in the 20s."

I snorted. "The 20s, as in the 1920s?"

"Yeah, great decade for parties!"

"You know what, I don't really think I should take such an old man as my date. You might cramp my style." 

I smiled at his mock offended expression before continuing. "OK then, you can come with me."


And that was that. To get back at my cheating ex-boyfriend I was taking a date to the Christmas Ball. The fact that that date was a dead, somewhat erratic, vampire would just have to be something I kept to myself.

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