Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


19. Wacky Theories


Wacky Theories

Here are ten wacky theories made up by our very own movellans- wait, movellists- no, movellians. Never mind.

Check them out:


i) She is ghost dog

– Cece Loves 1D


ii) She is a human banana that eats people once they have been fanned by her, mad bye she ate chuchuu to.

– Queen of Darkness


iii) She is the puppetmaster, she pulls the strings O_O

– ZombieRock


iv) She is a gigantic lizard who lives in a cave in Albania, biding its time, waiting to strike.



v) She is a technologically advanced, highly cerebral Patagonian Tree Frog.



vi) Layla joined movellas as a normal user, intending to write books like the rest of us. But that night, she saw a vision. A vision of an angel came to her. He told her that ChuChuu was dead, and she had been chosen as the next. God chose her to enact those duties.
All hail Layla. Layla is the movellas messiah

– erin-the strange [I like this theory -RoRo]


vii) *goes up to the mirror* Layla Tomlinson, Layla Tomlinson, Layla Tomlinson... the next morning I’m found dead in an alley

– Crystalalar99 [Not exactly a theory but... It's pretty funny]


viii) What if she is Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles secretly reading our fanfics? Second, what if she’s a stalker?

– Infinity


ix) Layla Tomlinson is like Bloody M... of Movellas


x) I’m a ghost! Dun dun dun....

– (fake) Layla Tomlinson



Do let us know if your theories are like mine, by which I mean- wacky or next to impossible or different from the obvious.

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