Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


36. Wacky Theories: Part Three


Wacky Theories


She could be a paranormal life fourm downloading human data so it can kill all goverment that exist, so the alien tribes can take over earth, that seems legit.



What if we are the reason that Layla Tomlinson gets so many fans? Layla is a hacker fairy that speaks bad English, but enjoys learning it, and hacked the system, making it that whenever someone posts a new movella she fans someone, and every time a movella gets deleted she unfans someone, and she reads the movellas of the people in her fan list to improve her English. Oh, and we have to point out that this fairy's laptop is plugged into the neck of a rainbow panda.



She could be like from the future and may be she used to go on Movellas when she was our age and maybe she's going to be a tribute for the Hunger Games or maybe her child is going for an appitude test or going to Hogwarts and she's looking at out fanfics to help her along the way because we do write a lot of Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Divergent.....
Or, she just has A LOT of spare time and freaky knowledge on how to hack in! :)


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