Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


40. User Exclusive: ~CanadianDirectioner~ Theories


Okay, have a theory for all of you to think about here... In chapter 30 we saw a few pictures that were shown and one of them showed the obituary of Margaret Karapetian, or as we commonly know her, 'M'. What do we know? Margaret is DEAD, but how does she have an account on here that was made on the 29th of April,2014? She died in 2012! It's not like she was a famous person, and her name isn't as common as 'Smith' or 'Jones'.

Why am I bringing up the picture again? It was a few chapters ago. Here's what I noticed: "Margaret Karapetian"in the picture had 3 siblings, Elizabeth, Arshag and ELEANOR. Eleanor is what stood out tome. Why? Because I also recall that 'Margaret' on movellas commented on Layla's profile saying, "I got this El ;)".

NOW, I'm calling all directioners, anyone who's named Eleanor, or has a friend named Eleanor. LAST I CHECKED, "El" is short for Eleanor.

Now, you all may be asking, "What about Death?". Well, I believe that Death is also run by Layla to throw us off her trail. If you look at Death's profile, this movella is only one of 2 favourites. Layla probably used the Death account to favourite this to look at our theories and as we get closer to figuring her out, she creates something new to throw us off all over again.

Here are my theories:
-Layla is actually Eleanor Karapetian, Margaret's sister
-Layla/Eleanor runs both the Layla Tomlinson account as well as the Margaret Karapetian account.
-In order to keep her sister's memory alive, Layla/Eleanor posted 'I've got this El ;)' from Margaret's account to make it seem like her sister is talking to her
-Layla/ El put herself under a fake persona so that she would seem like the rest of us because putting herself as her real name may raise suspicion
-"Death" Is also Layla/El, created to throw us off the trail and keep us guessing
-Layla/El is a psychopath who can't get over the loss of her sister so she keeps the memory alive on an online website... (Least likely though, just throwing out some options..)


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