Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


34. - This is Weird -

OK,This Death account was first actually fanned by ℱüηḱ¥Ḻσ√ℯṔυяρℓℯѦ℘℘ℓ℮ as the death followed us one-by-one.


* wink wink, it's a prank by someone for sure but whoever it is, not going to work on us. * 


The real mystery is - 

















1)My point is that if it was one of Louis's Tomlinson's sister, then she would have showed herself up like Harry Styles sister did - She is/ was present on Movellas if you don't know and like that Layla would have showed up. 


There is someone also I know who is one of the best friend of Eleanor Calder( girl friend of Louis Tomlinson) and she is public even. 


Why will she go secret and fan so many people? I think they are busy in their life and dealing with the rising fame of their brother enough. So, there is no point for them in joining the writing site to fan only people. 



2) About Death's first fan is ℱüηḱ¥Ḻσ√ℯṔυяρℓℯѦ℘℘ℓ℮ as I told but today when I checked, Layla was the first fan. It makes me to think it might be an automated account or an hacker account but I don't think Hackers will find fun only in fanning people. 


My brother has hacked accounts before on Facebook and all ( fake ones ) and he was manipulating their account as if it was his. So, it's not only fun in fanning but they have kind of twisted criminal mind too who will find fun in hacking accounts and using the other's account as their own. 



3) Suspicious e-mail : -



I sent the e-mail to Eva/ Yvonne / Movellas team : - 



Bathroom Singer

Apr 28 10:50

Hello, I am sorry if I am bothering but recently, many of Movellians have
been wondering about the account ' Layla Tomlinson'

Link :- http://www.movellas.com/user/luvme3

Everyone is confused about the user because she is fanning most of the
newest members who join and her 'fan of' list is more than 20000+ . I am
not saying that this is bad but many people think that the account might be
a hacked one.

So, my question is that is that account created by Movellas staffs and
teams to fan most of new users joining and make them feel welcome or any
kind of auto-functioned account by Movellas? I hope I am not intruding




And the reply came :- 



Yvonne (Movellas)

Apr 29 14:57


I know Eva already got back to you but I didn't want to leave your question unanswered. I didn't know about this user until you flagged it up. I don't think they're doing any harm as they're not posting and offensive material. I understand the curiosity, but we have nothing to do with this.

If you have any concerns or issues in the future please feel free to contact me.






4) Maybe I am thinking too much but only the Movellas team will be able to manipulate an account just like that and I reject the hacker account/ auto-functioned account theory now because I am a victim of hacking somehow too. 


I don't think they're doing any harm as they're not posting and offensive material. I understand the curiosity, but we have nothing to do with this.




This sounds suspicious to me. I know clearly that they are not doing any kind of harm to us and they have nothing to do with our curiosity , well, straight forward and good one to avoid a question. When Eva replied on Movellas, it was because I think many people took notice of the message sent to her and to control the growing curiosity. 


I am kind of sure that Yvonne avoided the point and my question. There was a difference between Eva's and Yvonne's reply.



So, it makes me kind of more believe in my doubt that - Layla Tomlinson is created by Movellas team. 


My other predictions - 


1) The account / screen freezes with the blackish appearance if I / anyone click to see who liked the messages of any Movellian who have sent the messages to 'Layla' and no box pops showing who liked the messages.( Movellas site controllers can do this.) 


2) If Layla was an hacker, then she would have used many kind of viruses or softwares to hack other accounts and destroy few accounts on Movellas. And Movellas team would have taken action. 


3) No matter how much you try to fan a newly joining member, in most accounts you become the second one and Layla becomes the first, again manipulation.


4) Layla has the title Tomlinson does not mean she could be related to Louis Tomlinson and the Louis's sister theory might be wrong. 


Siblings of Louis Tomlinson : -


Félicité Tomlinson -Sister


Charlotte Tomlinson- Sister


Phoebe Tomlinson - Sibling


Daisy Tomlinson - Sibling


Georgia Austin - Sister


Ernest Rupert Atholl Deakin - Brother


Doris Poppet Deakin -  Sister      


( No Layla Tomlinson as Louis's sister is confirmed yet officially.) 


~ Bathroom Singer ~ 

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