Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


23. Theories More by Users

This one is actually awesome :)


She hasn't fanned me but Chuchuu did. I went to view her account, and if you notice her profile picture is actually a male head picture meaning she has her gender set to male not female. I don't know whether this adds anything to your research but still.
My theories are:
1) she is a hacker who despite being a hacker, still decides to fan people.
2) she is made by the Movellas team but they want to keep us guessing about it so denied making the account.
3) she is an ordinary girl who decided after her first comment to fan a load of people and become a mysterious but liked character on Movellas.
4) she is Harry Potter! (Sorry for the randomness there, I just had to say it.)
5) she wants to get loads of fans so when/if she publishes a Movella she will have more of a chance of nearly everyone on the sight reading it and possibly favouriting it.
6) she is someone who is bullied in real life and just wants to be liked by people, to see that she has loads of fans and feel as though people don't hate her.
7) she is a figment of our imagination.


~ By - Lily Anna Nightshade ~ 

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