Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


44. - Theories & Intelligent researches from our Movellians -

1) Zoe Shadownight 


Layla isn't a fan of me... but I have another account that was automatically fanned by Layla. I hadn't heard of her before this movella!


2) Unitee - 


Guys, have you take into account the fact that her profile does not specify a gender. You can hide your age but NOT your gender- the only options open on the gender selection are Male or Female, posing yet another question.


3) butterflygurl


Ok so what if layla is eleanor calder? I mean on pinterest she does call louis het bae


4) Brookxxie<3Clato


I know for a fact she was not my first follower because my two friends were my first two, but if you look on my page...she is my first fan.


5) RustyTheReclusiveRadiator


There was once another movellian who fanned everyone, I believe his name was choochoo. But a while ago he unfanned everyone.


6) flutter_shy_10


I have another theory of who it might be! Louis Tomilson is dating Eleanor Calder. We have guessed that her name is Eleanor before. Also she says she loves Louis. Just a theory!

Oh and another theory is that she is an AI bot and the comment was from the creator of the bot. 

I just realized something else about Layla! When two months went by since she was last active on her account (posting her one and only comment, on Baby Love) it still said "last active 1 month ago"! Why wouldn't this change? This must not be some run-of-the-mill hacker. She must be a computer genius who is also an expert at trickery! 


7) spongebobninja 


Hmm....maybe when her last online thingy is dimented and doesnt keep on track when she is online and stuff....so she could just be a person fanning so many people?


8) Radiance Radio 


She usually fans people at night. Like, at 10:20 AM. (from where I am)

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