Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


17. Theories by Users

By Evan R.J :- 


Layla Tomlinson update & new theory

the real her was online 4 hours ago as of typing this. she is now a fan of 23,662, as opposed to the 23,565 she was a fan of but 24 hours ago.

that was the update. here's my new theory:

I think she IS created by the movellas team, and is automated to fan every new member. her one and only comment is: "Pleaseee,update.This is soooo perfect." on a movella called "Baby Love". anyway, the comment looks too, well, NORMAL to be a bot, so i think that the movellas team have selected a small number of movellians (probably Ambassadors) to occasionally comment something normal as Layla Tomlinson.


By themuse1313:- 


THEORY: She is a gigantic lizard who lives in a cave in Albania, biding its time, waiting to strike ( Excellent one XD) 



By patrickrocks5000:- 


She might be a computer? She's fanning everyone who joins movellas?!?!

I saw on her profile she commented on a book called 'baby love'
so yeah....that was 1 month ago!


By ZombieRock :- 


She is the puppetmaster, she pulls the strings. 



[ You guys should guess more crazy theories and this movella will be more funnier along with adventures. ~ Bathroom Singer and when it becomes thrilling and exciting, I will sing in the bathroom as loudly as I can for Layla to hear my call and make herself appear if that can happen lol. ]

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