Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


47. The Truth: The Last Chapter Ever


I tried this experiment last night. (It’s a wonder what few hours away from your account can do)

I made a new account.

Yes, as soon as I joined I had a fan.

Layla Tomlinson.

That speed was too fast for any human to do.

It was instantaneous.

The time I took off, really helped me in thinking rationally.

It won’t be one of my crazy theories this time.

It is tested and verified.

It takes less than a second to see the feed where a new user joins, clicking it and being redirected to that page would be almost two seconds.

Now if someone was opening the feed, like Layla would, and check the new arrivals. Also clicking on it to fan them, it would amount to five and a half seconds to eight seconds.

Now, in less than the stipulated time, a user would find Layla has fanned her.


Now, what I’m about to say will clarify some of the doubts.

When the world was created, we had two kinds of matter- matter and antimatter.

The duality of the world is that each and every action has an equal opposite reaction.

The world exists on one thing and one thing alone- Balance.

I won’t venture into that in the scientific view.

Let’s say that this movellas website was created.

Perhaps movella was the positive aspect and it needed a negative aspect to exist and then arose- Chuuchuu and Layla Tomlinson. Like blackholes.


No technology is without its glitches.

Movellas has its too.

Reads get freezed.

If you try to look at who has liked a comment on someone else’s profile, the screen freezes (yes, it is not a Layla thing)

What Layla does is impossible to do.

Even if Movellas staff were to do that, it’s not possible.

Reason being- They have to focus on other stuff.

Not on Layla.


What I am trying to say is that Layla is a glitch.

Yes, she commented. I’m getting to that.

Perhaps a user was making an account and that didn’t get accepted but the request was sent to the server.

Resulting in a user with no controller.


The comment made isn’t quite hard to explain.

It is the most natural commenter of any Directioner on a 1d Fanfiction.

You can see it for yourself.


I’m not sure if most of you have noticed.

But movellas is under a spam attack.

No, it’s not Death or M.

It’s by spammers.

Real spammers.

I have reported 21 spam movellas in one single day.

They were there and apparently user-less.

What I am trying to say is that technology is not flawless.

The user names of the spammers were quite normal- sumon12, freshinbox, I don’t remember all.

They were spammers but they had fanned many users.

Computer’s won’t find it hard to make a account- luv.me3

Love being very searched item on google.

Luv is text speak for love.

‘.’ Fulfils the criteria for a character

And ‘3’fulfils the criteria for a number.

A perfect username in the computer world.


One of the first reasons that it’s easy to spam movellas is...

It doesn’t have the verification box. It doesn’t have a CAPTCHA or any other thing that may differentiate a spammer from a real human user.

Layla Tomlinson isn’t a hard name to take either.

First, movellas is filled with one direction fanfictions.

The computer is smart enough to distinguish that One Direction is the most popular thing here.

So, it chooses one random name followed by the last name of 1/5th direction.

The day she joined, One Direction was having a concert in Jones Beach (Don’t know where that is)

All I can say is Layla may have been a name of someone excited about the concert and may have posted a blog or something about it and the computer picked it up and used it.

Now if you look Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik.

See the order? It’s in alphabetical order.

And the computer may have picked up the last name of the person who was in the middle.

It can also be so- Horan, Malik, Payne, Styles, Tomlinson

The computer picked up the last name of the last person.

The thing about computers is that they may be smarter than us but they are predictable.

They do stuff systematically.


When chuchuu first arrived, one direction fever hadn’t touched it yet.

It was only after a competition that the movellas got segregated into two groups: Directioners and Non-Directioners.


When Layla arrived, one direction fever was on its’ peak.

Only after some time did the fever settle down.


Hence the spambot, did the following things to pass of as a real user:

i) It began fanning people to look normal. But it couldn’t stop itself, that is why we have Layla Tomlinson- The Legendary Spammer. Of course to fan existing users it would have to search for the names which the computer didn’t know, so it fanned new users.

As for the people she missed fanning, like I told you- no technology is flawless. Even the best of the best iphones can stop working. Even with anti-virus, sorry kids it’s a secret people don’t like to share. Each and every computer is penetrable. Maybe except for Linux, it rocks. Honestly. It may not have many applications, but it is the best operating system ever. No. Argument. There.

ii) It adopted a name to fit in. Layla Tomlinson, in the land of Movellas filled with directioners.

iii) To look normal, the computer commented the one line which many of us have seen in 1D fanfictions.

It can’t be human.

It’s a computer.

A spambot, to be precise.


Or perhaps I’m wrong, which I doubt I am, and Layla is a 14 year old computer genius obsessed with One Direction.

If she were to show her genius here, I assume that she would have already been a member at a Mensa, which I have searched, she is not.

I don’t meant to dampen Singer’s research, which I must admit exceeded what I have done so far. Thanks for bearing with me.


Oh, there is one user contradicting the theories we have made here, elsewhere. I would just like to mention one thing- We have already contradicted our own theories. If you have read the movella properly, you will find that

One, if we are proved wrong- we mention it.

Two, if it is based on assumption and we have evidence to support that the assumption is base-less, we mention it

Three, now we have weird theories. Ghost Dog theory, for example- Of course this isn’t true. So don’t go about contradicting it and devaluing what we have worked really hard for.

Fourth, this movellas is over. The reason being Layla is a spambot.

I may sound rude, but Singer, Ahlaam and Cambie have worked really really hard on something which I had only thought of as an idea. Don’t discredit them. Don’t be mean to their theories behind their backs.

You can talk poop about my theories, I do deserve it. But these three people are the ones who are making theories which make sense.

Now if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to clarify.

Yours' Truly,



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