Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


3. The Theories


For a certain time now, it has perplexed a lot of user, myself included, who exactly is this particular user who fans everyone? The most important question is- How? Be it day or night, this user manages to fan each and everyone.

Why the interest in her, you may ask. It was curiosity and the mystery of the user, which made me undertake this Project. This mystery has been surrounding us for a very long time, I decided that it was time we acted on it.

Or maybe, I’m just plain outraged/shocked that a fan fiction of a certain ubiquitous British Boy band consisting of five members, who gained popularity through X-Factor, is going to be a movie.  

With some detailed scientific research, Bathroom Singer has deduced that she fans only Directioners. What we don’t know is how far that is true.*

Cece loves 1D and I, RockkaRolla, have come to a theory that this user is actually a ghost dog who fans everyone. There have not been factual evidences to support our theory but I have hope.

The other theories are as follows:

i) She is an automated user

ii) She doesn’t exist

iii) She’s a normal user who fans everyone to gain fans

iv) Who are you talking about?

Oh, I haven’t mentioned, have I? I am talking about the mystery user with no movellas, mumbles or lists- Layla Tomlinson.

*The finding has been proved null and void because she fans non-directioners too


Who do you think she is? Let me know.

No mean comments, if you don’t like it. 

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