Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


39. Talk About Annoying



Here is what I found out.

First- Death & M are from USA. They don’t fan people who have joined when users from other nations are usually online

Two- M (You slipped, didn’t you?) asked for which computer software Layla uses. Now, if M was anything like Layla, she already would have known.

It’s not a lot, but enough to say Death & M are imposters. Do ignore whatever they say. They are not of any concern to us.

Now, for the Layla imposter which is not on movellas.

First, someone claiming to be Layla stalked me to ask.fm

 {Oh, I can be pretty rude on ask.fm}

But he/she was pretty dumb and said- “stop asking who she is and what not” after claiming to be Layla.

Nice work, but you fail to impress me.

But thankfully, I know which nationality you belong to.


Update: Thanks to Actresses Dream, I have been informed of Death’s Army (a group) I’m going to ignore it. If Layla joins, it’ll be under my radar. Really, ignore Death, M and other users who claim to be Layla. And Death’s Army has the profile picture of Bathroom Singer... Interesting.


Anyway, I think that Layla really works in a group. It is many users working together unlike the imposters. Please, do ignore Death and M or whatever.


Interesting Fact: Death mentioned in his profile that he is a male and now in the group he is like- I’m a girl. Pretty dumb of him/her. Ignore.


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