Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


21. Somewhat New News Or Old News Recycled


(Yup, I erased the user who posted the comment. I can get sued for that, you know :D )

“Thanks for the fan but no thanks. Please don't just go and fan all these people just so you can get more popular on this website. Most people will think its irritating or annoying like me. Hope this doesn't sound to rude, i'm just speaking my thoughts, well typing anyway. Thanks”

Mean much? She was hoping this doesn't sound rude, but obviously it didn’t work out for her.

Look Layla doesn’t want to get more popular on movellas. Why? ‘Cause she is ALREADY the most popular user on movellas :D Who hasn’t heard of her or her predecessor, Chuuchuu (the spelling changes everytime)?

I don’t think anyone is oblivious to their existence.

If you are, I just got pwned.

Anyway, the point here is:

(sorry for the bad edit)

How? Why would ‘erased user’ say- ‘No Probs’ to a question not posed to her.

The ‘erased user’ has to be a computer genius to pull of a user like- Layla Tomlinson.

Amazing! I think I’m going to fan her :D



Nah... I don’t feel  like it.


Oh, Pepper OirO- Thank you. You made me post the mean person comment.


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