Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


20. Somewhat New Findings.


Konnichiwa! :D

Anyway here's what I found...


Her first ten fans-

i) ProfessionalZombieKiller

ii) Lærke...

iii) KaylaHoran210

iv) Rebelle MidnightMoon

 v) tvd1D

vi) Ashley Payne

 vii) deeplydreaming

 viii) mira_mina_geeks88

ix) Briaana_Risner

x) j3nny_l0v3193


The first people she fanned:

I couldn’t find out. Why? I was going in circles….

I couldn’t get to the bottom of this.

“How am I ever going to get out of this labyrinth?”

If anyone can do it, let me know. I’ll thank you and fan you, favourite your movella, like it and even give you a special- wait for it- RoRo hi5 and RoRo chocolate chip cookie.



The first people to message her:

(Yes, I become obsessive when there’s something I want to find out and I can)

i) River_summers (OMG. I didn’t expect you!)

ii) River_summers again.

iii) River_summers. Yeah, she was the first person to message her. See how Summers is considerate!

iv) Chace Chandler

v) Patrickrocks5000

vi) Skyler221

vii) Anna_candy

viii) TFASGAwriter

ix) Harlee

x) Melody the Killer

xi) Gabs1999

xii) Nialler’s love



If anybody doesn't want their name to be in the list, let me know- I'll remove it.

Yeah, sorry for adding in your names without your permission... You have every right to hate me.



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