Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


22. Some 'Note This' Facts about Layla Tomlinson

1) In an hour, she fans at the least 5 person who join Movellas and un-fan three. In three hours, she did fan 4 or 5 people and un fanned the same number at the same time. 


2) In every minute / 5 minutes, she is fanning someone who is joining Movellas. 


3) She have had made most of her choices 'private' I guess so that many will not be able to see much about her/him. 


4) Being a Tomlinson as last name, she is either obsessed with Louis Tomlinson from ' One Direction' or maybe ' Tomlinson ' is her real last name since she is from South Europe. 


5) Basing on her choice of one and only story ' Baby Love ' , I guess if she is a human, then she is definitely a fan of One Direction and does not differentiate much between the good fan fictions or average ones. Her choice might be any type. 


6) Positions according to her ' Fan of ' list 


1st - People with One Direction related user name

2nd - People with attractive and weird nicknames

3rd - People with last name from their fandom

4th - People from Denmark or are Danish 


7) She does not care about the gender of the person or what the person who joins might be like which indicates that either she is really nice to follow everyone or just over hungry for gaining fans(which I think is not the case.) 



8) Her grammar knowledge can be better than the basic ones who just know how to write a smutty scene in the story whereas using 'text words' everywhere else and give the ed to teens about R-rated things. 



9) She might be obsessed with Movellas or addicted to it and lack of social life maybe? ( Not to offend anyone sorry) 


10) The first person whom she fanned is - Celinajensen who had been off from last 10 months. Well , this kind of proves that maybe she knew how the Movellas functions in a better way than anyone else( which makes me to doubt that she was ChuChuu). 


11) She just fans people who are really offline from last few weeks/months/days but yet they do not have any kind of written Movellas or stories in here. If they have, it is very rare. So, I guess she really want to gain more fans as soon as possible. 



12) If you are member of Movellas before 28 June, 2013 , then there is 98% chance that you will not have her on your fan list. 





~ Bathroom Singer ~ 

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