Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


28. Research/ Theories #2

By NiallHoran_Summer01


"Layla Tomlinson was one of the first ones to buddy me friend but I don't know about me. Its so weird and crazy. Everybody fans Layla but doesn't do anything on here. Not been on in a month.....we have got to figure this out...NOW! WHO ARE YOU LAYLA TOMLINSON


By ProffesionalZombieKiller : -


I think shes just some computer wiz and she can find out all the new comers to movellas and she just chooses who she wants to fan. But then again she would have to be on here like non-stop so she would have to be an adult because she would have school. I don't know... I'm probably wrong but that's my guess



By ∞Infinity∞ : - 


Hey do you think @Margaret Karapetian is associated with Layla? She commented to her "I got this El ;) x Margaret" I even screen shot what she said. Tbh it freaking me out even more I checked and Margaret joined today and fanned me a long with 423 other people in less than an hour, is that possible? Sorry if this didn't help. Just that I should let you know.


By Raven711 : -


Um. I just had a theory on the fan-then-unfan thing that she does... if it's automated for her to fan (almost) everyone, then maybe the account is on some kind of loop- she has a limit on how many people she can fan. So, for every person she fans, she un-fans another, the person that she fanned the longest time ago. If I make any sense


Her icon is NOT A GIRL. It is a boy, which either means she's not telling or 'she's' a boy.


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