Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


37. Part of Layla?


"I just saw someone who joined 4 minutes ago, with a weird name who Layla fanned, called Noble Gas. And, I also saw someone who said this: 'I am a part of Layla Tomlinson.' That person was called #yoyopinguin ."

-Evelyn Shadownight

Thanks for that comment, Evelyn, really helped. :D

When I read this comment, I was immediately dumbstruck.

How could someone be 'a part of Layla Tomlinson'? Which moved onto searching this user. 

His name is #YoYoPinguin, and he seemed like an ordinary Movellas user, because he mumbled, wrote stories, had fans, but didn't fan insanely huge amounts of people.

But he wrote a mumble.

The writing says: 

Because of this, I have come to the conclusion that Death, M, and this #YoYoPinguin are working together to gain more fans, being being part of Layla Tomlinson, meaning being part of Layla's scheme.

Also, there was a comment on this movella that got deleted, and it was from Death. This was all I could derive from the notification, because the comment itself was deleted, but the notification was still there.

@[#YoYoPinguin] I know who she is........ and I am a part of layla Tomlinson........ so..


~Death, M and #YoYo work together to try and get fans by doing the Layla Method.

~Death, M and #YoYo have all together created Layla, and are therefore 'a part of her' and created new accounts.

~Death, M and #YoYo are engaging in the 'Spartacus!' method, where they try to be her. 

And my favourite:

~Death, M and #YoYo are Layla's Horcruxes.


What do you guys think?

~Ahlaam Nightshade

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