Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


46. - My Theories from Recent development -

Well, I have gotta say that ℱüηḱ¥Ḻσ√ℯṔυяρℓℯѦ℘℘ℓ℮  brought my attention to Layla Tomlinson account on Polyvore and when I searched for ' Layla Tomlinson Polyvore' , it also showed the account on Polyvore as well as I found her on Pinterest. 



As I have said, she have had some outfits from Polyvore on Pinterest and she pinned another picture of Louis Tomlinson on Pinterest saying a title "My Babe <3". 


User name in there - Lajla Tomlinson and according to a Movellian - Lejla is a native song in Bosnian language. 


My guesses - 1) Layla loves Louis Tomlinson a lot. 



                        2) She is a massive One Direction fan. 



                        3) She is a computer genius for sure. 



And I found more about her if she is the Layla Tomlinson from Facebook. 


1) Her full name is Layla Arapovic. 


2) She is present on YouTube, Twitter, WeHeartit, Uniteddogs, 


3) She's a hardcore ( excuse my language ) directioner since her about me in Facebook has


About Her : 


Worked at Directioners  

Studied at One Direction

Past: Oš " Osman Nuri Hadžić " ( It's a primary school or so I think. ) 


4) She is followed by at least 22 people on Facebook. 


5) She is originally from Sarajevo from Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


6) Maybe Emil Zola is one of her friend. 


7) Some external information if she is the Layla Arapovic ;) - 


a) Her birthday is on October 23, 2000.

b) Maybe she has two dogs out of which one is french bulldog named ' Frodo ' whose birthday is June 9, 2009. 


And maybe if she is, this is what she looks like : - 





Comment about what you think :) About my theory ~ Bathroom Singer ~ 

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