Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


6. - My Research - ( Bathroom Singer )

Well, hey guys ~ Bathroom Singer ~ here and there are few more research that I want to add about 'Layla Tomlinson'. 


1) Once I was going through her account with people thanking her for being their first fan but she never replies any of them. One caught my attention was someone did thank this 'Layla Tomlinson' , the mystery for fanning her and reading her movella but there was another account - dharma who replied on the comment ' no problem ' , so I doubt there might be a relation between this Layla and dharma. 


2) Another thing is that she does not fan each and every new comer to the Movellas. Most are always the directioners and 'people with weird but good nicknames' 


3) People thank her for reading their Movellas and commenting but when I open and see all their Movellas, not a single comment from this 'Layla Tomlinson' 


4) Layla and ChuChuu are not the same persons because the later one used to fan each and every new comer but Layla mostly fans the people mentioned in point '2'. 


5) Maybe she is a regular user but see her profile , it says - she was online 1 months ago but she just fans everyone every second whoever joins.


So, you may go to her profile and see this 'dharma'. 

I am not saying that fanning everyone who joins Movella is bad, but if she is fanning, then should not it be everyone? ChuChuu used to fan each and every single whoever joined. 



Here are my theories - 1) She is created my some Movellas staff who loves One Direction and is interested in people with weird nicknames. 


2) It is an auto-functioned account. 

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