Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


25. Maybe You Should See This


Layla Tomlinson (Not The Mysterious Fanner)


Occupation: Actress

Spouse: Paul Matthew Keller

Nickname: Chombe (Maybe it’s just me it sounds very close to –ChuChuu)

Known for: Louis, enfant roi (1993)



i) The Actress is Louis Tomlinson’s distant relative

ii) Layla Tomlinson, the actress is the owner of that account

iii) Layla Tomlinson is…. A GIRL!


Thank you- Am Southern for your contribution.

Honestly, thank you to everyone who is reading, liking, commenting or favouriting this movella.

You know, 80% of the thing couldn't have been done without you guys.

Like- themuse1313 was the first person to disclose that Layla didn't only fan directioners

Or like, LittleMissHollywood suggested that maybe it's a creation of the Movellas Team...

It's basically your contributions which are making us cross out the improbable and also giving us the wackiest of theories (which are very creative, by the way)

It's like a group effort. I don't know but it feels like- not going to say it.

Before this begins to sound like a speech and becomes larger than the information which is more important, I'm signing off.

Oh, I'm not telling which of the co-authors wrote this. That's another mystery! :D

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