Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


48. - Just few more -

I know this was closed down but a few theories and researches were left out. So, here is exclusively by ஐInspireஐ



1.) I just fanned that Movella, and seconds later, she shows up as my first fan.
2.) I was able to do a little digging, and found that the first person she fanned was during May, 2013. She wasn't a member until June 13, 2013.
3.) I figured out how she has been throwing us off. But, I can't tell on here, so kik me at Maurididan.Shade 
4.)When you type in luvme3 into the youtube search bar, a lot of Chinese/Asian stuff pop up, and the closest distance between china and Bosnia/Herzegovina is about three thousand miles.
6.)So far the closest computer intelligence to this is making a map between one thing and another, and it still hasn't prevailed, so it HAS to be a real person. 
7.)The average human smarts in teenagers, is 85-144, and a twelve year old is only on average 96. Even so, a teenager with an IQ of this is just under the genius qualification. So she must be at least 13-17. The statistics say that Bosnia is one of the highest teenage I.Q. in the world. 
8.)And finally, during a Bosnian war, fighting soldiers were most often girls between the ages of 12-18. That is around the time that the song 'Layla' was being written. They would send home Barbie dolls to their families. If you type in luvme3 into the google image search bar, pictures of barbies are the most common. 
And the most common directioner ages are 12-18, and the least common fan base is Louis'.

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