Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


33. I Need Your Help


So what we know:

1) Layla fanned Death but not M

2) Death is pretending to be a helper of Layla.

3) Layla never fans users who have joined before her.         

4) Layla is the one with the monopoly of fanning people

5) D & M are fanning old users (as in people who have joined before them), hence they are fake

6) D & M are fanning people who are mostly related to this movella (unverified)

What I can tell from this is:

Death and M are highly distracting the research of this movella. Thanks to these two people, now we don’t have only one account to look at but three accounts. Believe me, it’s not an easy task when you have pending movellas to write, a life to live, people to talk, and update this movella time and time again. So I would like to thank these two pranksters for your effort.

It is really not funny that Death and M are doing this. Yeah, Death. I’m pretty sure you will read this ‘cause you have favourited it.

Second point, I have mentioned this but Death and M are fake because they are fanning old users which Layla has not done. Death and M, it gave you away. You think I wouldn’t notice? Please. I’m a deception artist.  Here are a few points that gave you away:

i) Commenting on this movella (Death)

ii) Favouriting it (Death)

iii) Fanning Me (Both)

iv) Fanning Old Users (Both)


Deduction One: Death, you were probably very excited while doing it, i.e., fast beating heart, hence, the day you joined- you commented. You favourited it. You fanned me. Hence, you don’t think twice before making your move.

Deduction Two: M is the smarter one of the two. Has built up her fan forte before revealing herself/himself. How? She joined one day before fanning me. That day was spent fanning people. You’re the calmer one. I am assuming you’re making your moves decisively.

Deduction Three: You’re here to deter our work or for reasons unknown (which won’t be unknown for long) but you made a mistake. You fanned old users. Mostly users who have commented here, then popular users. People tend to give themselves away. It’s human nature. When you do something which is not normal to you, your body gives it away. Hence, we know you are not anything like Layla. But rather, you’re trying to step into her shoes. Wrong move, love.

Deduction Four: The fact that Death commented on this movella and deleted the comment shows- You think you made a mistake. But by deleting it- you made two mistakes. How? First, commenting was a mistake- a sign of showing off. Second, you went through your comment thought you made a mistake and deleted it. Hence, you don’t think twice before doing it or you were super excited. But nevertheless, you’re the one who is likely to go back and see your tracks. If you do, there will be errors and when you do erase it- I will find out. You’re weak at this. Step away now.

Deduction Five: How many mistakes are you going to make, love? Honestly. Mistake Five: Messaging Layla. It was a sign of showing off, once again. You are not the real deal. If you were really in the Layla Crew, you wouldn’t have been so open. Layla is known for her discreetness and mysteriousness. You guys, asked for her gmail. Which goes to show- You are nothing like Layla. If you were, you would have been discreet and smart.

Honestly. Don’t mess with me. You’re getting on my nerves. If you hear the sound of a snap, it’s probably my nerve and I don’t spare imposters.

Point number three, readers do ignore Death & M, they’re worthless. The more you get hyped about them, the more they will act up. It’s human nature. They crave attention and when we give them what they want- it becomes a frenzy.



Sorry for the long post- I’m really annoyed by Death & M. Already this movella is very highly taxing and I do have to complete my other movellas. This is becoming really very hard to do. I’m keeping up with it. Don’t worry, I’ll update whatever responses or new research material I can get. Thanks.

Now, there’s a favour I want to ask of anyone online. It is really important. Please don’t question it. Please hurry in this. My net is slower than a snail, please do this.

Go down the messages and find the person who thinks Layla is a guy. Give me the names. Now.


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