Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


4. Her Relation To Our Very Dear ChuChuu (I don't know the spelling)

Chuchuu and Layla Tomlinson.

These two have always had a special part in my part.

The unknown fanners…

But chuchuu disappeared.

As far as I know and as far as I have witnessed, towards the end, Chuchuu began unfanning everyone.

When she disappeared, Layla Tomlinson was just making her mark on the Movellas World.

On my hiatus, I know not what happened but on my return… Layla Tomlinson was just proving to be the next Chuchuu 

Chuchuu has disappeared, I have searched for her (assuming she is a girl). She is nowhere to be seen. She had fanned a friend of mine, but now… Her profile picture is not among my friend’s fan’s list.

Here’s my theories:

i) Layla Tomlinson is a protégé of chuuchuu.

ii) Layla Tomlinson is a rival of Chuuchuu 

iii) Layla Tomlinson and Chuchuu are the same person

iv) Layla Tomlinson killed Chuchuu 

v) Chuchuu never existed, it was all in our heads


What are yours?

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