Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


11. Experience & Other Responses of Users


[Taken by Permission of Users]



She wasn’t there when I joined…

Recently I got quite a few of my friends to join movellas and they all got fanned by this account…

I told them that they got fanned by an automated account from movellas so that don’t feel bad.

But I think that is the truth....

Plus, she hasn’t been online for a month and she fanned a friend of mine who joined less than a week ago.

-Pepper OirO


My best friend was my first fan, and a few months ago, when I only had twelve fans, it said I had thirteen, but my most recent fan was the same, but I looked and it said that she was the first person to fan me, when I know for a fact that she wasn’t.



1. The fact that she fans instantly has been off for a month

2. How she became active as Chuuchuu vanished and Jordan left.

3. How someone else can have the same username as her.

4. The fact that she fans everyone no matter what time they join.

It all seems very likely that Layla is from the Movellas Team

 -Little Miss Hollywood


I have two separate accounts and she was the first person to watch for both of them. Same goes for my friend, too. I set up her account and I noticed the first person to watch her was Layla Tomlinson…



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