Who Is Layla Tomlinson?

It has been bothering me for a long time... And now, I know.


45. Exclusively by RustyTheReclusiveRadiator

I have just discovered proof that Layla Tomlinson is not a creation of Movellas. Here it goes:
    Layla Tomlinson fans mostly directioners and a few others with interesting usernames. If she is in fact a fan of one direction then the evidence I have here can be counted as true. There is a youtube user by the name of Layla Tomlinson. She doesn't post videos but on her profile you can see she has commented on a fair few one direction related videos. One comment was seen on a video of Louis Tomlinson. It read: "HES INE BACK OFF". 
Let's say her first name is in fact Layla. Then by putting her last name as Tomlinson she is saying that she wishes to marry Louis. As such by saying that Louis is hers it confirms that it isn't her real name. (unless she loves him because they share a last name)

    ANother thing. There a two twitter account they are under the name of Layla Tomlinson and layla tomlinson. The uncapitalised name has something interesting after it. In brackets it say (Layla Seritzawa) As Layla is from Bosnia Herzegovina I googled Bosnia Seritzawa and found the first link to lead to a star trek tumblr page. One of the people who reblogged that had reblogged it from seritzawa, additionally before you click the link below it says this:
  "alpha-stark reblogged this from seritzawa - Majestrixstormbringer likes this...Bosnia and Herzegovina. Botswana.Bouvet Island. Brazil.
    This leads me to believe that Seritzawa is a common last name in Bosnia, and with the twitter evidence I believe that Layla Tomlinson's real name is Layla Seritzawa. Although it could be one massive coincidence.
Also I found a person on ask.fm called Layla Tomlinson, so I asked if she knew anything about movellas. If she says anything leading me to believe that she knows about movellas. Then the evidence I proposed above has a 90% chance of being correct.









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